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A little boy’s life changed when dad responds to a wrong text sent to him

It’s funny how life works sometimes, you never know how a simple thing you did today can actually lead to something far more interesting – and far greater than you have ever imagined.

Take, for example, what happened to father-of-six Tony Woods from Tennessee when he replied to a text message wrongly sent to him.

Tony received a text from an unknown number asking for opinion about the dress she’s wearing:

But, instead of simply ignoring the text, he actually spent time to respond to it – with his kids’ thoughts on the dress:


Tony said that he would have asked his wife’s opinion on the dress, but since she was not home when he received the text, he asked his kids instead. He said he just wanted to make the young lady’s day.


Little did he know that what would have been like just a simple, funny anecdote will eventually result in something miraculous.

Syd, the person who wrongly sent Tony the text, has shared the story with her friend, Mandi Miller. Mandi apparently found the story quite funny that she posted it on Twitter, where it went viral:

The tweet, which has now reached around 175k retweets and 697k likes, has also made its way to some of the people who know more the Wood family, including Twitter user i.l.l.u.m.i.n..N.a.u.g.h.t.y, who pointed out that one of Tony’s kid is missing from the picture. It appears that the kid, Kaizler, is suffering from leukemia and was with his mom for a chemotherapy session when Tony replied to Syd’s text, that’s why he was not in the picture.

A GoFundMe link for Kaizler was then posted, and sure enough – social media has worked its wonders. Countless people have donated to help in Kaizler’s cancer treatment, and more than $26,000 was given to help Kaizler battle leukemia – and the donations keep pouring in. Not only did people wanted to give financial help, they also wanted to personally give their support and wished to directly speak to Tony and his family:

Tony was grateful for all the financial help they were getting too. He said they were truly struggling despite him working all the time. He also revealed that prior to the tweet going viral, the last donation for Kaizler’s GoFundMe was made around four months ago.

Kaizler’s mother, Rachel, expressed her gratitude to every generous and kind person who has extended their help, love, prayers, as well as support. She said they still can’t believe that something like this can happen just because of a simple as a text sent mistakenly.

It’s awe-inspiring how a dad’s little decision to make someone’s day have led to something that could potentially save his son’s life.

It’s uplifting and refreshing to see that in spite of all the negative things the world faces today, there are still people who haven’t forgotten everything humanity and compassion.


UPDATED: Unfortunately, we have a heartbreaking announcement from Tony which he posted on GoFundMe.

I’m sorry for the delayed updates, I’m working a lot to ensure that you’re donations aren’t for nothing! All our little hooligans are growing fast and eating like little trash compactors! Kaizler is doing great! He recently had the flu, which turned into pneumonia, but we’re finally almost over it! Just a few more clinics, and Kaizler gets to take his last dose of chemo (God willing that there isnt a relapse).

Unfortunately, our little friend Finn lost his fight recently. He fought hard and was a phenomenal example of perseverance and God’s love. 

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. It has helped us so much as we continue our fight!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.