Single dad asking daughter for fashion advice becomes Twitter famous

A single dad made a buzz on Twitter after asking her daughter for fashion advice for an upcoming date.

His daughter, Carli Saville thought it’s cute so she posted some photos of his father wearing different outfits with the caption: “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits. My heart.”

Single dad asks daughter for fashion advice
Carli Saville

After posting her father’s photos, Carli thought they would gain some likes and perhaps a few comments from her friends.

Little did she know that her fashion advice post would gain a lot of attention and would make people fall in love with her father. Carli said, “I had no idea it was going to blow up. People are still retweeting and liking it now.”

Fashion advice from daughter
Carli Saville

However, before Carli could tell her father about her post and his instant fame, his dad came back home with sad news: he had been stood up.

Carli said, “I didn’t want him to be sad and mad in the same night, so I told him the next morning.” At first, she thought his father would be angry or embarrassed but he was actually delighted and surprised by people’s responses to the post.

Jeff said,“You’ve got to be kidding me, I didn’t even have a Twitter account, I didn’t even know what Twitter was.” According to Carli, her father was excited watching the tweet get more and more attention.

Single dad asking for fashion advice.
Carli Saville

People kept retweeting the fashion advice post and when one of them wrote, “Dinner on us if he brings a date,” Carli responded and said her father would be glad to hear it considering he got stood up.

When people saw this conversation, Carli got more feedback, and a lot of them wanting to set her dad up with someone.

Single dad asking for fashion advice.
Carli Saville

Ali Maria, one of the commenters wrote, “Carli, I think we need to set up our parents. My mom would never stand him up! She lives in Houston, she’s a similar age, and God and her family are the most important things to her. Plus, she’s a dime if I do say so myself.”

Carli also helped her father set up his own Twitter account. “I opened his DMS (direct messages) on Twitter, so hopefully he will be getting some soon,” Carli said.

Single dad has been stood up despite daughter's fashion advice
Carli Saville

After having his own Twitter account, Jeff received tons of messages from different people. He said, “I’m being asked out a lot but I’m very private about that.” More than the overwhelming responses he’s getting; however, Jeff is thankful about the lesson he got from this experience.

He said, “I feel like God has given me something of a platform, in a crazy kind of way, to deliver a message about how special relationship is. I know enough from being divorced and I know where I need to be now in my life. I have 30 or 40 years left, and if I’m lucky, I want to get them right.”

People's responses to Carli's fashion advice post
Carli Saville

On the other hand, Carli was hopeful and excited about his father’s future love life. She said, “He wants someone who is wholeheartedly centered on the Lord and that is outgoing, funny, down to earth and sweet. That’s what he always says when he describes who he wants to find in his soulmate. She also hopes that his father’s moment of fame will bring him a soulmate and lifetime happiness.“

“He deserves it more than anyone I know,” Carli stated.