Adopted 11-year-old crochet prodigy donates to an orphanage in Ethiopia

Jonah Larson, an 11-year-old boy from La Cross, Wisconsin, is a certified crochet prodigy and orphanage in Ethiopia is the recipient of his awesome talent.

The young boy first went viral after an article about him was published in a local paper last January, where his incredible crocheting skill was featured.

Crocheting is a hobby you don’t often associate with young boys, but for Jonah, learning this skill is something that literally changed the course of his life.


It all began when the curious boy discovered a hook in a box of craft supplies at the age of 5. After that, he found a YouTube video about basic stitches and taught himself how to do it. With all that he learned from the tutorial, Jonah was able to complete a dishcloth within an hour. The boy was hooked ever since his first creation.

“I crochet because it’s very relaxing for me, because I have a very busy mind, and it’s nice to have a little quiet time when I come home from school,” he told Inside Edition. “My family and teachers and stuff are just glad I’m making them stuff and not playing video games or something unproductive.”


Since his story went viral, a lot has happened for Jonah. Now, he is using his platform and influence to give back to his homeland Ethiopia, where he was adopted when he was just six months old.

He set up a GoFundMe meant to give Ethiopian children a “chance to unlock their own passion and potential”, just like he did. He has partnered with Roots Ethiopia, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children and families in the country.

Half of the donations to the campaign will go directly to Roots Ethiopia, and the other half will help fund Jonah’s first trip back to his homeland so he could spread his love of crochet there in person. Part of it will also go to his business venture, Jonah’s Hands, and lastly, the rest of the proceeds will be used to further his education as the boy hopes to become a surgeon someday.


Aside from his flourishing business, Jonah has earned a massive following on his social media channels. He has about 191,000 followers on Instagram and 45,000 subscribers on YouTube, where people marvel at his complex and beautiful art.


Jonah sells some of his creations, and he sends a portion of his profit to the an orphanage in Ethiopia where he spent his early days.

“I give some to an orphanage in Ethiopia where I was adopted from, and I really enjoy doing that,” he said. “It’s just so great knowing now that I have this gift to crochet that I can use it to give back.”

Despite his success, the boy isn’t all about the fame. Jonah crochets because he is genuinely passionate about the art – it is an activity that gives him true joy.

“I hope people gain from seeing my work is it makes them happy too,” Jonah said. “When I see my crochet work when it’s done, it blows my mind to know that I, an 11-year-old with a tiny hook and a ball of yarn, made this amazing afghan, scarf, cowl, you name it.”

A gorgeous cardigan that Jonah made for his mom | Facebook

What’s next for this gifted young man? Jonah says that he plans to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and then become a surgeon.

An old soul in a young man’s body, we’re certain that Jonah’s future will be filled with nothing but success. With an enduring passion and a heart as big as his, achieving the next big dream is far from an impossibility.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jonah’s story.