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Grandma poses for hilarious ‘boudoir’ photoshoot and her husband’s reaction is priceless

Each and every one of us will reach a point in life where our hair will turn grey and our skin will lose its elasticity. But it is normal because aging is a normal process of life that no one should fear.

After all, our bodies may age but we have the power to keep our hearts young! Take the case of Samantha Bishop’s mom for example: Linda Bishop is showing the world that even women at her age still have killer looks, oozing confidence, and a good sense of humor.

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

When Linda, Samantha’s mom, was thinking about a perfect Christmas gift for her husband she wanted it to give it a personal touch. 

And since her daughter happens to be an experienced photographer, she thought of giving her husband her own version of #Grandma’sGoneWild photo collection.

After all, what could make a gift even more personal than a Boudoir photograph?!

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

Yes, you have read it right! For Linda’s Grandma’s Gone Wild photo collection, she decided to give her cherished husband something exciting for Christmas. And she’s showing the world that it is not too late for her age to be a subject of a Boudoir photoshoot.

“They’ve been together a little over 30 years,” Samantha recalled how Lina got her wonderful idea. “The idea was actually a joke made by my mom when I told her she should do a boudoir shoot, and I just ran with it.”

To make her sexy photoshoot a cut above the rest, Linda decided to be a little bit playful. Knowing exactly what she and her husband want, she decided that her photo had to be taken in a bathtub full of colorful yarns of different sizes!

To add a cherry on top, Linda even included a grandma-classic hard candy in one of her photos.

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

Samantha’s great photography mixed with Linda’s imaginative personality resulted in funny, creative, and totally one-of-a-kind photos. The pictures are totally stunning!

Being a supportive daughter, Samantha made sure to capture her dad’s reaction once he received her mother’s well-thought-out gift. And looking at the photographs of her dad, it sure is safe to say that he felt like the luckiest man alive!

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

Linda’s #Grandma’sGoneWild photos were uploaded on Samantha’s photography Facebook page along with the caption:

“So uh… My mom, Lisa Bishop wanted me to take photos of her, but on one condition.. we did them in a bathtub full of yarn. So here we are I call this series “Grandma: Gone Wild”

She gave them to my Dad for Christmas tonight. Peep his adorable schoolboy reaction at the end. Literally made this whole thing 1000x better.”

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

In just a matter of time, Linda’s photos became viral and immediately reached over 60,000 shares and likes. And it seems like it’s not only her husband who liked the contents of her Boudoir photos, even the netizens loved them!

“I don’t know what I love more, your mom’s confidence or the fact that your dad is  still obviously crazy for her.” A Facebook user expressed her respect for Linda’s oozing self-esteem.

“This photoshoot is the best thing ever.” Another Facebok user shared her positive insight about Linda’s photographs.

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

“Boudoir photoshoot gone totally right. This is so romantic.” Another Facebook user expressed, finding Samantha and Linda’s joint effort as sweet!

Due to the overwhelming reception of the netizens to Linda’s creative photos and a good sense of humor, she decided to do another round of #Grandma’sGoneWild photoshoot.

This time, she added fishnet stockings to her colorful yarns for the Boudoir gift in store for their anniversary!

Studio Revolution | Samantha Bishop

You can browse Linda’s quirky photos on her Studio Revolution Facebook Page. SHARE their one-of-a-kind Boudoir photoshoot that shows the world how ladies of Linda’s age can still leave jaws hanging in the open!

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