This couple turned abandoned and rusty cargo boat into an elegant dream home – step inside

Living in a boathouse with floor-to-ceiling windows  is a luxury many people can only dream of, but it’s the reality for this lucky and hardworking couple in France who transformed an old cargo boat.

Jérémie Malvy and his wife, Sara, live in a stunning boathouse in Paris. It almost doesn’t feel like they’re in the city because they’re far from all the hustle and bustle of the center.

Old cargo boat before transformation

Contrary to the usual feeling of being inside a watercraft, this boathouse—named “Panjab” after Jérémie’s hometown of Punjab in Pakistan—feels very open.

A boathouse in Paris named Panjab

It has plenty of plants and massive floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to come in.

The main idea behind living in a boat is to be closer to nature, and Panjab surely allows Jérémie and Sara to do so.

Jérémie Malvy giving a tour of his boathouse in Paris

But Sara said there is one downside to having such a beautiful home docked on the Seine.

“It’s even it’s even problematic to be in such a boat because actually we don’t go outside anymore. We are forcing ourselves almost to go outside. Okay, I will go to a restaurant. But is it better than my place? No,” she explained.

Living room of the boat house

For 11,000 euros, Jérémie bought this cargo riverboat used to transport cereals. It was in good shape when purchased, and it took around two and a half years to remake it into a modern home.

While it had been a long wait, Jérémie and Sara can say it was all worth it transforming this old boat to a floating house with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Inside Jérémie Malvy's boathouse

Living near the water also carries a deeper significance for Jérémie, who moved from Pakistan to France decades ago. He couldn’t speak French and lived on the street—often under the bridges of the Seine—and would speak to the river.

But after establishing a chain of successful organic grocery cooperatives and restaurants, Jérémie began to build his dream home.

A boathouse named Panjab

He didn’t want to lose his connection with the river, which was there for him during his most difficult moments, so he bought a boat with an all-glass front that would give him a constant view of the water.

The downstairs of the boathouse is half-buried in water, which provides excellent insulation and acoustics.

Jérémie and Sara get an eye-level view of the water—even one of the bathroom windows opens and allows them to touch the river water.

Outdoor patio of the boat

Jérémie said that the river flowing around the Panjab carries all of his stress away. This constant connection with nature has provided them a refuge—away from all the noise and worries.

Take a tour of this beautiful boathouse in the video below. And for more videos like this visit: Kirsten Dirksen YouTube channel.

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