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A couple shares how they remained deeply in love for 72 years: ‘Eternal Love’

The heartwarming moment when you see an elderly couple having a great time together will make you believe that there is eternal love.

Kenneth and Faye Babin have been married for 72 years, but they are sweeter than a newlywed couple, and videos are melting everyone’s heart!

Kenneth, 95, and Faye, 93, have been together for more than seven decades, and their love for each other keeps going strong.

Their granddaughter posted their sweetness on TikTok, and they instantly went viral.

Their videos show how they sweetly interact, inspiring many netizens and making them instant celebrities.

This elderly couple is a model of what it means to grow old together and what eternal love looks like.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Kenneth and Faye shared their secret to long-lasting love.

“I love my woman,” Kenneth said. “Love you, hun,” Faye replied. “My love never failed you,” he added.

Faye said that her husband always hugs her every time she needs it.

“Every time I got low, I was feeling bad, I went and said, ‘I need a hug. I need a kiss,’ and he obliged!” Faye shared.

We often expect our partners to understand our thoughts and desires intuitively. In marriage, however, you occasionally must ask for what you want or need.

The couple said they always talk things out and never considered divorce, stating how important communication is to every couple.

Sadly, most couples can talk nonstop for hours on their first dates. After a while, though, people stop talking about difficult subjects when they come up or speak through silence or loud voices.

Kenneth said that they never talk about getting rid of each other.

“It was always the other way around, sticking together,” he said.

It is easy to say mean things when you are upset and angry. However, many times you cannot take painful words back.

Kenneth and Faye love to do things together. They love playing dominoes and cards and have regular poker games.

They have a great time together and often make each other laugh.

“I did not even think of divorce. Murder, a few times, but…,” Faye joked and laughed.

Life is never easy; we all must endure difficulties and hardships. All of us must go through hard times. Faye and Kenneth tried to get through the difficult times by having fun.

Kenneth and Faye’s marriage is truly an inspiration to many people who have witnessed the story of their eternal love.

In a world where many marriages end in divorce, this couple’s example shows that overcoming obstacles and remaining committed to one another is possible.

They still give each other cheesy lines at their age and after spending so many years together.

People online who watched their videos find it adorable.

Faye asked Kenneth, “What attracted you to me?”

“Just you, that’s all I can say,” Kenneth replied.

Remembering the old days, Faye said Kenneth was handsome; he could sing and play the guitar.

“Put them all together; it is very romantic,” she giggled.

As the old saying goes, “looks fade, but true love lasts.” It is undeniable, though, that attraction can ignite a relationship.

It takes effort, dedication, and communication to keep the spark alive, though, and these are what Kenneth and Faye have.

In their videos, you can see Kenneth and Faye constantly hugging, holding hands, and kissing.

Touching or staring someone in the eyes makes it easier for you to become closer to each other.

In our hectic lives, we often neglect the smallest yet essential things in our relationships, and Kenneth and Faye proved that these tiny things work to keep love getting stronger.

Experience Kenneth and Faye’s eternal love by watching their adorable video below:

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