Cops get ‘noise complaint’ about little dancers – turns into epic battle they won’t forget

The peace authorities of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department made a noise on various social media sites. The reason behind their newfound internet fame? An epic dance battle that you have never seen before!

The epic dance battle all started when Detective Sergeant Gary Sanders of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call complaining about a loud noise.

When Sergeant Sanders responded, he found himself standing inside a dance studio with a group of women of various ages.

An officer responding to noise complaint.

“The noise is way too loud, and I’m going to have to write you a ticket.” Detective Sanders declared. However, the young dancers who were having a dance party at the time offered an alternative way to sort things out.

The charming young dancers challenged detective Sanders and the rest of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department to an epic dance face-off. 

Being a man of courage, bravery, and principle, detective Sanders did not back down from the uncommon challenge. After the time and place had been set, Sergeant Sanders retreated from the dance studio.

Girls talking to the sheriff

When the much-awaited day had come, the respected police officers turned up dressed in their uniforms, while the young dancers came wearing matching baseball jerseys. Without wasting time, the dance face-off began immediately.

The girls from the Image Dance Studio showed off their talent and swag while the officers tried their best to keep up with the young dancers. In the end, the officers and the girls danced and had fun dancing together in an almost synchronized movement.

The events that transpired are recorded in a video and posted on the YouTube account of the police department. Clearly, the video shows that the dance battle was all staged.

The officer leaving the dance studio

Well, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the dance battle was done in collaboration with the Image Dance Studio in order to get closer to the public they are serving.

The police authorities of Pierce County are hoping that the video will help people realize that there are still good cops out there. That there are still hardworking policemen who are ready to serve and protect their citizens.

With the countless number of shares and likes they are garnering on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, it seems that the video is doing a great job in clearing the image of the police officers.

Girls and cops dancing

“The police should be everybody’s friend. This is so lovely and it concern’s me greatly, that the actions of a few can so tarnish the reputation of the many fine officers who work so hard to protect and develop trust amongst the populace. I want to see more of the good they do because I already know about the bad ones and I prefer a balanced view!” Rosarie Bernard, a Youtube user said.

“That was totally awesome!!!! Respect for the officers for taking time out from their duties to have fun with those girls by having a dance off! I’m sure they enjoyed your time and have a great deal of respect towards the officers of your county!” Victoria Farley, another YouTube user shared, commending the police authorities for their efforts.

Cop dancing on the street with children

“Better hire some more Dancing Deputies In case you are challenged by them again!! You guys were great!! That looked really cool having all your trucks and equipment roll up!! Your pup seemed to enjoy it too : ) Great Job Fellas!! Thank You All For Your Service!! Prayers to keep you all safe and able to come home to your families at night!!” Another YouTube user expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the sacrifices of our policemen.

The one-of-a-kind dance face-off battle was also dedicated to the late deputy Daniel McCartney, who was shot while responding to a drug-related case.

His three sons, Traxton, Tate, and Tytus McCartney took after their father and are also serving the country as respectable policemen.

Watch the hilarious video of the epic dance battle below and see how the respectable police authorities of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department brightened the day with their grooves!

Updated. This story first appeared on November 1, 2018.

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  1. I get a noise complaint I get a fine or go to jail ! Fine or jail instructor, owner ! No matter how cute they are ! Just a set up for the next Cuties movie

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