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Cop surprises teen with new PlayStation after police were called on him for doing yardwork

Misunderstandings are like knots in communication, blocking the flow of ideas and causing confusion, conflict, and hurt feelings.

Despite our best intentions, these intricate knots of confusion can emerge, entangling us in a maze of misinterpretations and misaligned meanings.

This is what happened when a police officer responded to a report of possible trespassing but ended up gifting the alleged trespasser with a new PlayStation.

Recently, the police were called to a Hapeville neighborhood following a complaint about a teenager who needed to be removed from the area.

Officer Eric Colleran, who has been with the Hapeville Police Department for seven years, understood that situations are not always what they appear to be.

Sometimes, the information received over the radio differs from what is happening on the scene.

When Officer Colleran arrived, he discovered 16-year-old Keonte Evans, the teenager who was reported for trespassing in the neighborhood along North Avenue.

However, it turned out that Keonte had been hired to do some yard work, including pulling weeds, cutting grass, and trimming hedges.

The person who made the call to the police was unaware of this arrangement, leading to a misunderstanding.

Officer Colleran quickly sorted out the situation and learned that Keonte was trying to earn money.

He aimed to buy school clothes for his five younger brothers and sisters and purchase a new PlayStation 5 for himself, according to WSB-TV.

“The young man was polite, respectful, and truthful. Officer Colleran, a gamer himself, was impressed with the young man and thought he would help him reach his goal,” Hapeville police said in a post on Facebook.

Officer Colleran and his friends went above and beyond to help the young man.

They not only managed to get him a new PlayStation 5 but also provided a gift card to cover the membership so he could start playing right away.

A heartwarming video shared by the department captured the moment Officer Colleran revealed the PS5 in the backseat of his car, per PEOPLE.

The boy was clearly overwhelmed with joy, covering his face in shock before hugging the officer in gratitude.

Keonte brought the new playstation inside, but he couldn’t contain his emotions and rushed out of his house to embrace the officer once more, expressing his sincere appreciation for the act of kindness that had touched his heart so deeply.

“Somebody did this for you. The game is so expensive. You can’t do anything but be so excited. So, I gave him a hug. A big hug at that. A very big hug. It’s so sweet. Many people don’t do these things for kids,” Keonte said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Officer Colleran humbly mentioned that he never intended to seek recognition through the news.

He merely wanted to assist the young man and impart the lesson that hard work and honesty can lead to positive outcomes in life.

His act of kindness served as a reminder that simple gestures can significantly impact someone’s life.

The heartwarming story concluded with the department mentioning that Officer Colleran assured the young man they would play together on the same team online, strengthening their newfound friendship through gaming.

As for Keonte, he continues his search for a part-time job to support his mom in buying school clothes for his younger siblings.

Despite the ongoing search, he has been tremendously enjoying the new PlayStation 5 gift, playing the video game every day since receiving it.

Showing kindness to kids is an incredibly impactful and far-reaching act. It shapes their emotional and social development, fostering empathy, self-esteem, and positive relationships.

As adults and peers demonstrate kindness to children, they lay the groundwork for a compassionate and caring society, creating a brighter future for the next generation.

Watch Officer Colleran and Keonte’s heartwarming moment below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.