Police officer buys children car seats instead of ticketing their mom after pulling her over

Instead of issuing her a ticket, this Milwaukee police officer decided to provide car seats to a mother of five to keep her kids safe.

Having babies and children in the family could bring a lot of joy to a household. Little as they are, these tots have a natural ability to make our hearts overflow with love, fill the atmosphere with laughter, and turn regular moments into extraordinary ones in their own special way.

But while the picture above is ideal, in reality, it is not always the case. Some struggles come with having multiple children, and the most common of them would be financial constraints.

Mom receives 5 car seats from a cop.
ABC 7 Chicago

Andrella Jackson was in one of those days where she was struggling with money. One day, while she was driving with her kids in the backseat, she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror. In her mind, she knew that it could only mean one thing – that she would get a hefty ticket.

If ever that would happen, Andrella wouldn’t know where she could find the money to pay for it. Raising five children as a single mom meant experiencing financial troubles from time to time. And though she knew that car seats were necessary, she couldn’t afford them even if her kids needed it.

Police officer Kevin Zimmerman pulled her over and – being a parent himself – noticed the lack of car seats for her two young daughters in Andrella’s vehicle.

The cop who surprised a woman five car seats.
Fox 6 News

Andrella explained her situation when the cop asked her about it.

“With bills coming up and winter coming up, I have to get coats and boots and shoes for my kids,” she told CNN affiliate WTMJ. “So it was hard for me.”

Things were looking bad for her. However, little did she know that the cop had other plans – one that didn’t involve issuing her a ticket. Instead, the police officer took a trip to Walmart then went to her house with two brand new car seats in tow!


Andrella was amazed by the cop’s unexpected kindness. Not only had Zimmerman paid for the two car seats with his own money, he even stayed to install them as well. The 12-year Milwaukee Police Department veteran also stopped by at their station to grab stickers and children’s books for the two little girls.

“I was surprised, like I had tears coming down,” she said.

Andrella shared the cop’s incredible act of kindness on Facebook.

“My girls couldn’t stop thanking him and it made them smile….shout out to Officer Zimmerman at District 5,” she wrote. “We appreciate it a lot.”


Over the years, Zimmerman has witnessed a lot of serious accidents where children went through windshields because they weren’t properly buckled up. His priority was to keep the kids safe.

“I am a dad of three kids and can’t imagine anything happening to them or not being able to have them secured in their car seats,” he said.

Of course, the MPD also took the chance to recognize the kind cop for his efforts, thanking him “for going the extra mile and going above and beyond your call of duty”.

Watch Officer Zimmerman’s interview below with TODAY’S TMJ4 as he recounts the events of that day.