Police stations feed homeless dogs by installing ‘water and cookie stations’ in Peru

Peru has had a long-standing battle against animal cruelty. But one group of animals, in particular, has been a relentless target of abuse for years – stray dogs.

As in many Latin American countries, stray dogs in Peru are abundant and are continually growing in number. Many of these dogs have no owners, while some are “free-roaming”, or those who have owners but are free to wander the streets throughout the day.

To address this overpopulation problem, people resorted to the tragic practice of culling stray animals, or what is also known as selective slaughter.

This national issue of animal abuse prompted the Peruvian Congress to approve in 2015 the Animal Protection and Welfare Law, which protects “all species of vertebrate animals.”

Aware of this dilemma, several police stations in Tacana, Peru have come up with an excellent idea that will help these stray dogs and keep animal abuse in check – the installation of food and water dispensers!

This initiative was made to ensure that stray dogs get to eat safe and clean meals. According to a report by Newsner, shards of glass or metals are usually found on piles of food that these abandoned animals feed on – thought to be deliberately added to cause fatal injuries.

These food stations have become a refuge for these stray animals to relieve their starving tummies. Right next to the cookie point is a fresh-water station, so the dogs are completely nourished and satisfied.

The first dispenser was installed in October 2017 and since then, many similar units have been set up in different police stations in Peru. A police station in Monsefú District in Northern Peru also took a similar step and installed food dispensers for the street animals in their area.

This thoughtful initiative was noticed by the National Police of Peru, who encouraged the public to install similar food and water dispensers for the strays through their public Twitter account.

Watch the video below to see a dog enjoying a meal from one of the food dispensers.

In a similar story, a company called Pugedon is helping feed stray cats and dogs in Istanbul through their initiative called “Smart Recycling Boxes.”

When a water bottle or can is deposited into the machine, it automatically dispenses food for the strays to eat. This innovation is like hitting two birds with one stone, as it makes recycling fun while at the same time providing sustenance to hungry and abandoned animals.

It is heartwarming to know that there are people out there who dedicate their time to creating a better world for our furry companions. May these stories inspire you to treat every animal with respect, and serve as a reminder that they deserve to be cared for as much as we do.

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