Officer responding to a welfare check ends up mowing elderly woman’s lawn

Getting older entails experiencing a few bodily changes that are not so ideal – white hair, wrinkles, and for some, weight gain. But aside from looks, another thing that goes away as you reach an advanced age is your youthful strength.

Yes, the years may have made you wiser, but they have also rendered you a bit vulnerable. As a senior, you can’t do most of the things that you found so easy to do before.

Staying in an assisted living facility is really not the best option for some of the elderly. Since their children have already moved out or have families of their own, they resort to living on their own. This proves to be a big challenge, since living alone as a senior means having to do things all by yourself.

assisted living facility

A Minnesota police officer completely understood this dilemma.

On June 6, Officer Matt Siltala received a call for a welfare check on an elderly woman. Together with another colleague, Jay McCoy, the pair went to the resident’s home to see if she was alright.

Fortunately, the woman was okay, but Siltala noticed one odd thing about her property – her unkempt yard.

When he asked the elderly woman about it, she said that she didn’t have anyone to mow for her. Upon hearing those words, Siltala grabbed her mower then started cutting the front yard.

assisted living facility

McCoy took a photo of the officer doing his gardening duty, and the Orono Police Department shared it on their Facebook page.

“I cannot say how proud stuff like this makes us. Officer Matt Siltala was called to this residents home on a welfare check today. She was ok and Matt asked her why her yard is so unkempt. She said she doesn’t have anyone to mow for her. He grabbed her mower and cut the front yard. Very cool,” the post reads.

“But, not sure why Officer McCoy, who took the picture, couldn’t grab the trimmer… Must be a union issue…” the staff who shared the photo joked.

The story received nothing but positive responses from the people who saw it, with most of them saying how much they admired the police officer’s actions.

assisted living facility

After the post went viral, the Orono Police Department received inquiries from a few people about how they could help the elderly woman.

“We have had a few people inquire about helping this resident. We will do some checking and get back to those who have shown interest. It’ll be a few days though,” they responded.

Kudos to Officer Matt Siltala! He went above and beyond his duty to assist this elderly resident. And though it might be a simple act, it certainly meant so much to this woman who is not able to fulfill the task herself.