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Cop finds family living in a car — and then he changes their lives

When we are faced with a problem, we naturally feel down, sometimes even asking why bad things happen to us. But everything happens for a reason – we might not find out what reason that is right away, but eventually, we will.

Just like what happened to Ebony Rhodes of Atlanta. Ebony is a single mother with four children. Ebony lives a difficult life, trying to raise four children – without a home.

Every day, she goes to work at Walmart, serving customers, knowing that these customers have a safe place to sleep for the night, and longing for the same for her and her children.


Since they don’t have a home, Ebony and her children slept in their car. She said she was aware that it wasn’t safe, but it was the best choice for her at the time, as no shelter agreed to take them in as a family. Ebony said that most nights, she didn’t sleep so she could make sure her children sleep safely through the night.

Then, one day, as she was driving her kids to the library, a cop pulled her over. Ebony said that she was crying when the police officer talked to her because she was aware that her license was expired. She was taken to jail that night, her car was impounded, and her co-worker took her kids in for the time being.


Fortunately, her story reached Atlanta Police Department Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier. Officer Glazier knew in his heart that he couldn’t just let Ebony and her children continue to live that way.

He told his wife, Michelle, that they have to do something about it. He then called some friends who can help him get Ebony and her kids a place at the shelter. He found one for them, but he thought it wouldn’t be enough.


Officer Glazier and the other cops at the station worked together to secure an apartment for Ebony. And they did more. A GoFundMe account was set up by Officer Glazier, together with the entire Atlanta Police Department.

They wanted to ensure that Ebony and her children would have what they need, from payment for rent, to food, to clothing. They also wanted to make sure that the family would never have to spend the night in a car again.

A year after the life-changing incident, Ebony is working as an assistant manager for a restaurant and is able to pay the rent. Ebony became friends with Office Glazier and the rest of the Atlanta Police Department.


Officer Glazier said he and the whole ADP force wants to provide help to Ebony and her family. The whole ADP was there for them if they needed someone to lean on, and if they need someone to talk to.

It can be very hard to remain positive when we get caught in a tough situation. But sometimes, just when we are about to give up thinking that our life’s falling apart, the pieces could actually be falling into the right place.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.