Company adopts 2 office kittens named Debit and Credit to boost employee morale

Debit and Credit might just be two finance terms for some people, but for this company, these words refer to something else way less serious.

The daily 9-5 can sometimes feel monotonous. You wake up at 7am, grab a quick breakfast, arrive at the office, and sit in your desk all day. You can hardly wait for the clock hand to hit 5 and off you go – either at home or out to spend the night for dinner or happy hour with your friends. After everything is through, you go home and sleep. You wake up the next day and follow the same routine all over again.

Sometimes, you wish there was a diversion in your office – something fun that will take your mind off work even for just a few minutes until you have to get back to it again.

Well, the employees at this transportation company in Ohio are extremely lucky, for that is exactly what they got.

The cute two new “employees” were hired by this company’s finance/IT department. However, these new hires were a lot furrier than usual – that’s because they’re both rescue kittens!

Obviously, they weren’t employed to do regular office work like the rest of their “colleagues” – they were there to boost their morale.

The feline brother and sister named Debit and Credit have delighted not only the people in their office but also the people on the internet.

One of the staff uploaded an adorable video of the two hiding under and wrestling with an empty box lid. Naturally, the online community couldn’t get enough, and they wanted to see more of them. So, the office decided to create an Instagram account for them, dedicated to updating their growing fan base about their latest office adventures.

The employee who shared the video said that Debit and Credit hang out at the office during the evenings but are visited on the weekends “for snuggling and playing.”

See the photo gallery below for your day’s dose of cuteness!

1. Sibling love.


2. Heya!


3. Naptime.


4. Hello, my name is Debit!


5. Hello, my name is Credit! *yaaaawn*


6. If we fits, we sleeps!


7. Gotcha!


8. Sleeping on the job.


9. Snug.


10. Sweet.


But no matter how much the staff loved Debit and Credit, sadly they couldn’t stay in the office any longer – however, it is for the best. In their latest Instagram post, it was revealed that Debit and Credit have moved in with their new family.

“For those who don’t know yet, the kittens have moved to their fur-ever home. They are thriving with their new kitty friends and family! We miss them, and wish we could continue sharing their hijinks with all of you. But we made the decision for Debit and Credit to have a chance at a home, and a family with other cats where their adventures could continue, and they can be truly happy,” they wrote.

The internet will miss the adorable duo, for sure. Anyhow, we’re happy that these two adorable kittens found their forever home!

All photos via Instagram.