Christina Aguilera gives customers the ultimate surprise with epic donut shop prank

Donut customers thought their listening to the store’s background music, but when Christina Aguilera came out their reactions are epic

It was a good day for shoppers at Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles as they were surprised by one of the world’s most powerful singers – Christina Aguilera.

The six-time Grammy winner dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to play a hidden camera prank on unsuspecting customers. As they scan for which donut they wanted to order, the singer watched the patrons behind a hidden camera and sang new lyrics about them to the tune of some of her classic songs, such as “What a Girl Wants” and “Lady Marmalade”.

After they enter the shop, it didn’t take long for customers to realize that something was up. And each time they did, Christina quickly pops out from behind the curtain to surprise them with a donut in hand.

“There’s a guy in a Dodger’s hat/ He is here with a baby/ He just wants to eat some donuts/ And give some to the baby too,” she sang for this guy, set to the tune of her first single in 1999, “Genie in a Bottle.”

Just look at this family’s wild reaction!

This guy in all denim was definitely feeling the vibe as he began snapping his fingers and dancing to the beat once he realized what was happening. In the end, he even got the chance to belt out some lines with Christina from her song “Fighter”. What a lucky dude!

This man in a “Gone Fishin'” shirt looked so shy, that he just smiled all throughout Christina’s play on words on the lyrics of “What a Girl Wants”. Despite the lack of reaction, we think he really enjoyed the moment deep inside!

These guys dressed in superhero costumes were super surprised! Even Captain America was left in awe. Who wouldn’t – when the Christina Aguilera just shows up in front of you on a random day?!

“If you can hear me, hop on one foot now.”, sang Christina to this cute pair. And they did! When Christina finally revealed herself, the couple just couldn’t help but shriek in delight!

What a bunch of epic reactions! Watch the full video below and be prepared to smile until the end.

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