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Navy arrives just in time to rescue four cats clinging to life on sinking ship

Recently, a fire broke out on a fishing boat miles off the coast of Thailand. The crew put out an emergency call before the entire vessel submerges in the water.

Luckily, there was another boat nearby that heard their call. The people came to rescue the eight men aboard the ship and carried them to safety.

But as it turns out, the boat still had other passengers.

The Royal Thai Navy members were dispatched to take a look at the damaged fishing boat that was about to sink.

Thankfully, someone from the group noticed that there were still several souls aboard.

Hanging on for dear life were four cats who were waiting to be rescued. Once the team spotted them, one of the navy sailors, Tattaphon Sai, swam out toward the half-sunken boat and grabbed the sopping wet felines.

The cats, visibly frightened, clung to his back as he swam them to the navy ship. The animals cooperated as if understanding that he was there to save their lives.

With little time to spare before the burnt vessel completely sinks, Sai was able to bring each cat to safety.

Thanks to this man’s heroism, all four cats survived the scary incident!

The Thai Royal Navy welcomed aboard their furry companions and gave them food and water to recover. Fortunately, all of them were found to be in good health after the ordeal.

It’s unclear if the cats hid inside the fishing boat or if they had been forgotten when the crew evacuated. But the important thing is that they are now in good hands.

The cats are now back on dry land and happy to be under their rescuers’ care. The event made national news, and Thai artists took this chance to create some adorable depictions of this newfound friendship between the cats and the Thai Royal Navy.

Although this isn’t a typical rescue operation for Sai and the rest of the Royal Thai Navy, they believe that “every life counts,” which is why they went and rescued the stranded cats.

And speaking of rescued felines, this blind feral stray cat named Floyd Mayweather has also been the recipient of kindness from strangers.

The cat has lived the last ten years of his life in the streets of New Jersey, and he’s clearly had a hard life. He’s got scars on his face, and both his corneas had horrible scars that he probably got from fighting with other stray cats.

When the nonprofit Neighborhood Cats worked on a TNR—or a trap-neuter-return program—on Jersey City, the tabby cat was one of those that were captured.

The usual TNR protocol involves returning the cats to the location they were found. Typically, some people provide them with food and water. And besides, most adult cats who had been strays wouldn’t adjust well into home life.

A blind rescue cat

Photo by Melissa Fiore

However, the group thought that letting Floyd live on the streets again would endanger his life. He may not be able to survive on his own anymore, so he went to live with the TNR director of the nonprofit’s Jersey City branch for five weeks while receiving medical treatment.

They all thought the cat would be mean because of his size, disability, and the hard life he’s lived. However, Floyd turned out to be the sweetest cat!

Melissa Fiore, 45, wasn’t planning on getting another cat because she already had three rescues at home. But when she heard about Floyd, she knew she had to adopt him.

And that’s exactly what she did!

Now, Floyd is enjoying his new home life with his loving mom and the company of his cat siblings.

Kudos to these people for rescuing these cats and giving them the life they deserve!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.