Marine corps veteran finds puppy in a ditch and takes him in

It is sad that there are people who do inhumane things to dogs such as abandoning them and leaving them out in the cold. Luckily, there are people who have the heart to save and rescue these poor dogs and help them find their new home. One of these kindhearted people was Tegan Griffith, a

This bride made sure her dog will be a special part of her wedding day

It’s no longer rare to see pet owners dress up their dogs or cats. Many find it adorable and humorous, while others frown upon the practice. But what if your dog is wearing a wedding gown? A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love that is sweeter when witnessed by family and friends. Jennifer Hindieh

Hospital lets kids drive tiny cars to reduce their fears and anxiety

Going into surgery can be dreading and stressful to anyone, especially to children. This was what drove a California hospital to help reduce the anxiety of little patients by letting them drive tiny cars before they head to the operating room. Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California has two little cars for their youngest surgical