Japanese artisan skillfully restores worn-out book into mint condition

Despite the emergence of e-readers, many people still prefer to read from physical books. As many bibliophiles say, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a newly bought book. Its smooth, crisp pages and fresh-from-the-bookstore scent make the reading experience so much better. Bookworms relish all these features before they dive right into

Engineer designs ‘igloo’ shelters to provide a warm place for the homeless during the winter

The winter months bring a lot of joy, but it’s also a season when we experience many struggles. Although we have our houses to shield us from the freezing temperatures outside, we still need the help of heaters and hot showers to keep us warm because it’s just so freaking cold. For those without a

‘Life is Good’ founders say this question from their mom inspired their $100M company

Life is Good clothing is a 100 million-dollar company run by brothers Bert and John Jacobs. They were from a middle-class company in Boston and have four other siblings. Like any other business, they started from scratch and went through a lot of failures. However, this one question from their mother kept them going and

Husband of famed couple with Down syndrome in 25-year marriage dies

The other half of a famous married couple has sadly succumbed to COVID-19. Keeping a marriage intact is a difficult task in itself, which made the 25-year marriage of Maryanne and Tommy Pilling all the more remarkable. Married in 1995, the couple from Shoeburyness in Essex became the first pair with Down syndrome to marry

Excavation gives archaeologists a glimpse of the most popular dishes in ancient city of Pompeii

Almost everyone enjoys eating out, whether it is at a fine dining restaurant or the local fast-food chain. A recent archeological discovery, however, shows that this practice dates back to ancient times. In Italy, an excavation revealed a fast-food eatery in Pompeii, providing insights into what dishes were popular for ancient Romans who enjoyed going

Japanese artist turns stones into hyper realistic animals you can hold in the palm of your hand

We encounter thousands of stones—big or small—throughout our lives, but I bet only a few of us think of using them for art. That’s exactly what this Japanese artist named Akie Nakata has been doing for the last decade. She turns the tiny stones and rocks she finds into cute animals you can hold in

Mom of boy with Down syndrome gets emotional upon finding dolls that look like her son

This young mom became emotional upon seeing dolls with Down syndrome for sale at her local Kmart store in Australia. Brodee, 20, has a three-year-old son named Elijah, who was born with the condition. So when she got word of Kmart’s new toy collection, she rushed into the store to buy a couple for her

Police officer pays for family’s Christmas groceries instead of pressing charges after shoplifting incident

Just when they needed it most, this Massachusetts police officer exercised compassion for two women caught shoplifting five days before Christmas. They got a gift card from the kind officer. Here is the story: Somerset Police Officer Matt Lima responded to a call from a Stop & Shop grocery store on December 30 regarding a