This portable tree house makes outdoor activity more FUN!

One of the things to you can do to live POSITIVELY is being in touch with nature. It has been proven that communing with nature does your spiritual health a lot of good. However, camping and hiking is not for everyone. A lot of people are simply afraid of bugs, the inconvenience of not having

Man Dances to “Uptown Funk” Like Nobody is Watching!

This always makes us smile! We’ve watched it several times already. Remember, always be yourself even if you are living in a crowded world. We are always a huge fan of individuals who stand out among the crowd. Meet Fred Rawicz, he is in this world to live his life according to his own rules


We’re EXCITED about this one folks! Emily Croy Barker‘s THE THINKING WOMAN’S GUIDE TO REAL MAGIC hits bookshelves on Thursday, August 1. Read my review below!     You can’t go wrong with this book! “Barker provides an unexpectedly exotic elixir to soothe life’s disappointments, a delicious nostrum borne of wishes and possibility. The fantastic

What kind of people would name a bird Moses?

[wp_ad_camp_1] A burglar broke into a house one night. He shined his flashlight around, looking for valuables when a voice in the dark said, ‘Jesus knows you’re here.’ He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and froze. When he heard nothing more, he shook his head and continued. Just as he

A Reformed Grammar Zealot

by Nils Ling Book : Truths And Half Truths “I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.” – Abraham Lincoln Yesterday I wrote a post wherein I took advantage of a quirky news story to point