Last year’s National Geographic award winning photos now free for download

Every year, National Geographic holds a nature photo contest where talented photographers all across the world may submit one-of-a-kind images of nature. And, as expected, nature photographers deliver spectacular photographs of animals, sceneries, or nature taking its course. The winning photos are posted on National Geographic’s official website where they would be available for free

Young girl can’t hold back her tears when foster mom turns and tells her: ‘Today’s Your Day’

When you ask children about what they want, their answers are usually predictable: things like toys, computer games, and gadgets are just some of the typical stuff children want to have. But for the little girl Shailee, she wants something else – she just wants to be adopted. Jeremiah and Jessica Frank from Arizona are happily

Assisted living facility designed to look like houses from the 1940s to help residents with dementia

This assisted living facility will take you back in time. Alzheimer’s Disease is a type of dementia wherein the person’s memory gradually declines together with other cognitive skills to the point that it affects the patient’s daily life. What would generally start as short term memory loss would slowly advance to the stage where the