A Dutch city is turning bus stops into green roof ecosystems for bees

The importance of bees in our ecosystem is undeniable for they are the world’s number one pollinators. Their rapidly declining population is one of the most pressing environmental issues that we face today, but the good thing is, different groups from around the world are taking part in saving them. One of the efforts dedicated … Read more

Tiny succulents that look like roses are the perfect indoor house plants

If you are an enthusiast for indoor house plants, then you will find this succulent particularly interesting. That’s because this water-storing plant closely resembles the appearance of a delicate, blossoming rose. While they all come in different shapes and sizes, succulents typically share a common look and texture – they are green and prickly. The … Read more

New law in this country makes students plant trees to graduate

A new law in the Philippines will require students to plant trees before they can graduate. We are well aware of the fact that trees can help combat climate change. They remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees serve a number of other purposes – they help purify the … Read more

This company turns avocado pits into biodegrable straws and cutlery

A Michoacán company called Biofase has found a way to produce biodegradable plastic alternatives. As plastic pollution continues to wreak havoc all over the world, several environmental groups are pushing for the eradication of single-use plastics, which make up the bulk of plastic waste in the world. During this crucial time, Mexico-based company Biofase introduced … Read more

UK will go tough on plastic use, total ban on plastic stirrers

It will be a slow year for plastic manufacturers in England beginning in 2020. That’s because a ban on plastic drinks stirrers, plastic straws, and plastic-stemmed cotton swabs will be effective in the country next April. Plastic manufacturers in England would have to completely halt the production of plastic drinks stirrers starting next year. Out … Read more

The ‘world’s smallest McDonald’s’ is now open — to bees

McDonald’s, one of the world’s biggest restaurant franchise, is taking a step towards preserving the environment – specifically, by saving the bees. As we all know, bees play a major role in the healthy functioning of the planet’s ecosystems. They are responsible for pollinating about three-quarters of the world’s plants, making them an invaluable element … Read more