3 Replies to “Loyal cat refuses to leave the side of dying best friend”

  1. Beautiful and touching story, animals have emotions and feelings as well, they can sense when something is wrong moved me to tears

  2. My cats demonstrate depth of emotion all the time.
    My brother (in another country) once said about his cat, “he’s quite affectionate”. – if he only knew.
    Cats go very deep, they are amazing creatures.
    Our Rubi had a tummy upset the other day. She’d been sleeping out, in the yard, on her favourite piece of cardboard. I had words with her explaining how she could catch a chill easily staying out. Now she stays inside.
    Plenty of other stories. I know of two cats like your Trooper.

  3. This is just beautiful. I had a similar experience with my cats when I became extremely ill.

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