This cat couldn’t help but fall in love with a pillow that looks just like him

Harry the cat recently met this gigantic pillow who looks just like him, and he couldn’t help but fall in love!

Harry the cat has lived with his mom since he was a kitten. Though he looks uninterested most of the time, the truth is he is the probably one of the sweetest cats you will ever meet. He’s always concerned for his family and everything that is happening around him.

Beka Smyth

“Harry looks like he hates everyone and everything a lot of the time, but really, he is the clingiest, cuddliest dude ever. He likes to be involved with everything I do, will call out for me if I leave the room and he doesn’t know where I’ve gone, and since he was a little tiny kitten he’s slept pretty much directly on my head at night,” Beka Smyth, Harry’s mom, told The Dodo.

When Beka and her partner recently went shopping, something caught her eye that made her stop in her tracks. On the top shelf of the store was a gigantic cat pillow that looked exactly like their Harry!

Beka Smyth

The look-alike got Harry’s color and even his grumpy facial expression, too. Beka knew that she had to have that pillow, so she instantly bought it.

As soon as the couple got home, they introduced the Harry replica to the real Harry. Initially, the cat had no idea how to react.

“Harry’s response was a little unexpected. I thought that he may freak out at the sight of it, but instead he kind of just looked at me as if to say, ‘Is this some kind of joke?’” Beka said.

Beka Smyth

She put the pillow atop Harry’s cat tree and he immediately hopped up next to it. The look on his face changed from confused to extremely curious.

Beka Smyth

The next day, Beka placed the cat on the couch, and Harry sat down next to it and refused to move for almost the rest of the day.

Beka Smyth

It looks like Harry fell in love with his pillow buddy and wanted to spend time with it as much as possible!

“He spent the entire day sitting next to it on the couch — only hopping off to investigate what I was doing in the study every now and then — and he’s been sitting next to it a lot of the time ever since,” Beka said.

Beka Smyth

When Beka took home the cat pillow, she had no idea how Harry would respond, and she certainly didn’t expect that it would turn out to be her beloved cat’s new best friend!