This fluffy cat is totally smitten with a little cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito

We all have that one thing we’re embarrassed to admit we like. It could be a tacky reality TV show, a trashy novel, or music that we’re pretty sure many people would think is awful. Most of us are afraid of judgment, so we sometimes keep certain things to ourselves.

But this cat in Seattle isn’t like that at all. His name is Quincy, and he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to show it.

And you’ll never guess what he’s obsessed with – a little cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito!


Quincy’s owner, who goes by radtoria on Twitter, recently bought the cutout as a gag gift for her boyfriend. Since the lockdown began, they started putting it in the window in an attempt to make passersby smile.

For sure, many people have chuckled at the sight of the DeVito cutout. But as it turns out, a certain member of their household took a liking to the little thing.

“I started putting it in the window to spice up our neighbors’ walks. Then I’d take it down at night to close the blinds,” radtoria said in an interview with The Dodo. “Time and time again, I’d wake up to find Quincy snuggling with it.”

Initially, they were worried that Quincy might damage the cutout with his sharp teeth and claws. But amazingly, the little DeVito was unscathed. That’s when they realized that the cardboard cutout wasn’t just a toy for the cat.


“He’s very gentle with it. He never bites it. He never roughhouses with it. It’s like he sees it as a special toy,” radtoria said. “If I try to remove it from him (which I don’t bother with anymore), he just extends his paws over it and gives a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of look.”

Clearly, Quincy is totally smitten with the little DeVito! During his naptime, the cat’s owners would almost always find him snuggling with DeVito’s cardboard likeness.

“I still laugh about it. It’s just such a strange surreal thing,” radtoria said. “He has so many toys! Why this?”

From the way things look, it seems like no force on earth that could ever separate Quincy from his “best friend.”


Last month, Quincy’s owner took to Twitter to share a short clip of the cat cuddling with his favorite companion.

“Have a nice day, everyone. Here is a video of my cat who sleeps with a cardboard cutout of Danny Devito and gets mad when you try to take it from him,” radtoria captioned the post.

The clip blew up, garnering 11.2K retweets and 49.5K likes at the time of writing. People in the comments couldn’t help but swoon at the adorable video.

“This is by far the best thing I’ve seen today. And I’ve seen some things, man,” @hoff1978 commented.

“Ok. I can quit Twitter, my job, sell my home, move to the mountains, live the rest of my life in a cabin as a hermit. I have officially now SEEN EVERYTHING!” @CurleyOwl wrote.

Some didn’t seem surprised at all by this behavior, like this guy.

“My only question is… who doesn’t sleep with a cardboard cutout of Danny Devito?” said @JackPhi93877782.


Others couldn’t believe how attached Quincy is to the cutout. Many were wondering if the cardboard has been sprayed with catnip.

“It hasn’t been sprayed with anything. He’s just always been a weird cat,” radtoria responded.

Quincy, a rescue, has been with radtoria for 12 years. In a follow-up tweet, she said that the cat has “always been quite the character.” She then retweeted an old picture of Quincy wearing a cone to prove her statement.

“My cat learned he could scoop up food with his cone and stole my damn taco when I wasn’t looking,” she wrote in the caption of the 2016 post.

Although he loves the cardboard cutout with all his heart, Quincy still finds time to cuddle with his parents. After all, they were kind enough to let him take ownership of the beloved thing.

“He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure to know,” radtoria said. “We’re grateful that he has another outlet for his snuggles.”

Check out one of Quincy’s clingy moments with the tiny DeVito in the video below.