Cat goes to the beach for the first time and has very strong opinions about it

A trip to the beach is always bound to be a fun experience. We get to revel in the warm sun, the cool water, and the feel of the sand on our toes. But no matter how much we enjoy being at the beach, it turns out not everyone is a fan of everything in it.

That’s what this family learned when they took their cat, Pumpkin, on her first beach trip.

Pumpkin the cat

Pumpkin was the only ginger cat in a litter of rescue kittens that his owner, Tia, was fostering. Keeping them wasn’t part of the plan, but when the time came to let them go, she just couldn’t do it. So, Tia ended up adopting Pumpkin and his brother Moustachio.

As the feline grew, his family found that he had a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition affects the cat’s depth perception and coordination, but Pumpkin never let it bring him down. He’s always game for new adventures, and he’s remained as energetic as he can be.

“We say he’s clumsy like a puppy,” Tia told The Dodo. “He looks more like he trots than runs, his front paws up one at a time.”

Tia and her family have always taken Pumpkin with them on their kayaking and hiking trips. For a change, they decided to bring the cat to the beach for the first time.

Pumpkin the cat and his brother Moustachio

When they got there, the cat seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. He explored the place and ran along the shore. However, things changed when the wind started to pick up.

That’s when they discovered something new about Pumpkin – he’s not a big fan of a strong breeze!

“He actually really loved the beach but we soon found out he didn’t love the wind,” Tia recalled. “The faces he was making, we’d never seen anything like it before, so we were taking pictures and videos.”

As the wind hit his little face, the cat made the funniest facial expressions his family had ever seen. The cat looked livid!

Pumpkin the cat who hates the wind

And instead of feeling bad for him, his family couldn’t stop laughing at his hilarious expressions.

Pumpkin clearly opposed the wind, and he’s not afraid to show it.

The cat has been back to the beach many times. He still loves playing and running around, but the wind really isn’t his friend.

Pumpkin the cat who hates the wind

Just when we thought we knew everything about our pets, they surprise us with their weird quirks and bizarre habits. That’s just one of the many exciting things that come with owning a pet!

Tia regularly shares Pumpkin’s latest adventures on social media. Follow this ultra adorable cat on Instagram.

Another cat with an endearing quirk—one that we’re sure you’ve never heard before—is this feline from Seattle. His name is Quincy, and he likes to sleep with a little cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito.

The cat’s owner, who goes by the name radtoria on Twitter, purchased the cutout as a gag gift for her boyfriend. When the pandemic began, they started displaying it in the window to make their neighbors smile.

Quincy the cat who loves his Danny DeVito cutout

As it turns out, it’s not the people outside who enjoyed the cutout most; it’s their own cat, Quincy.

His owners would constantly find him snuggling with the mini DeVito. They also noticed that he’s very gentle with it. It doesn’t have any bite marks or scratches. It’s visually flawless!

“If I try to remove it from him (which I don’t bother with anymore), he just extends his paws over it and gives a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of look,” radtoria said.

But even though Quincy loves her DeVito cutout, he makes sure he still finds time to cuddle with his parents!

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