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Cat clings to woman who can’t take him home, so she helps him find the ‘purrfect’ family

Cats are sometimes standoffish. In fact, a lot of internet memes portray them as bossy pets! Felines give off a rather mysterious aura, which could be the reason why most people perceive them this way. But the cat in this story broke the mold and defied all stereotypes about their species.

Jessica Parker and her fiancé Andy Brumagen were visiting a local “mom and pop store” when they were immediately drawn to a tabby cat they saw in a kitty condo. As cat lovers, the couple couldn’t resist taking the cat out to say hello and pet him. But what was supposed to be just a brief encounter turned out into something more.

When they took out the cat, they noticed that it was friendly, so friendly that he didn’t want to be let go!

Jessica, who was holding the huge cat, was shocked by how quick the animal got comfortable with her. In the video taken by Andy, it can be seen that once Jessica got hold of the kitty, the cat immediately wrapped his arms around her neck and burrowed his face in her shoulder.

Jessica began stroking the cat’s back gently while the feline clung onto her tightly and stroked his face against hers. The cat just continued snuggling her that the couple named him “Clutch”.

Sadly, the circumstances weren’t perfect. After their sweet encounter, the expectation would be that the couple would take the kitty home since what happened was clearly love-at-first-sight! Unfortunately, that was not the case – Jessica and Andy couldn’t take the cat home no matter how much they wanted to. The reason is that they were told the cat wasn’t good with other animals or children.

“For everyone who keeps asking why we couldn’t take him is because we have a 19 year old cat at home who needs constant love and affection and would probably get very depressed and die if we brought another animal home and we have a three year old child as well.”, Andy wrote on a Facebook post.

But despite their failure at adopting the cat, they made it a mission to help the clingy kitty find someone who would take him home. They posted the video of Jessica with the cat into a local group, and adoption requests immediately flooded the shop. This effort by the couple led to great news – the cat was finally adopted!

We couldn’t be any happier for Clutch the cat now that he has found a forever home. We hope that this story inspires more people to open their heart in adopting animals like Clutch, who wanted nothing more but love, affection, and of course, snuggles!

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