This cat and dog love traveling together, and their pictures are absolutely epic

What makes friendship beautiful is its ability to blossom between any kind of people- or creature. Such example of a strengthened friendship budded between Henry, a charming dog, and Baloo, an equally adorable cat. What makes their friendship different from others? They create adventures and experience the world by traveling together.

Henry and Baloo are precious pets of Cynthia Bennett and her loving boyfriend. Henry became a part of their dear family in the year 2014. Back then, Cynthia and her boyfriend originally wanted to adopt a golden retriever mix. However, the moment Cynthia crossed path with Henry inside his pen, they instantly connected with each other. Without any hesitation, Henry curled up into her lap, and laid his head over her arm.

It was there and then that Cynthia realized Henry was the perfect dog for them. Cynthia and her supportive boyfriend wasted no time to acquaint Henry in their hobby – hiking!

“I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike,” Cynthia recalled. “He found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge.” Because of this, Henry earned his title ‘The Little Mountain Goat.’

Three years after, Cynthia and her boyfriend have decided it was the right time to welcome a new addition to their family. This time around, Cynthia wanted to have a rescue kitten. It took them five months before they found Baloo, a Siamese kitten. But Cynthia doesn’t mind because for her everything was perfect.

And it seemed that Cynthia was not wrong. Right after introducing Baloo to Henry, the rescued kitten instantly fell in love with the dog. Since then, the two have become inseparable and always play with each other.

Soon after, Baloo stated joining his new family on their travel adventures. Now, Henry has Baloo to conquer mountains and explore the world with.

“He’s definitely not the kind of cat we can leave home alone on the weekends anymore,” Cynthia said. “I think he thinks he’s more a dog than anything”  Cynthia also shared how Baloo must think of Henry as his mother for he constantly goes to Henry when he wants milk.

“I get a lot of questions about how we got him used to it. But he really loves it. He really wants to go outside,” Cynthia explained. “If I touch Henry’s leash, [Baloo] will start screaming at the door.”

Below are some wicked photos of Henry and Baloo, making the best memories of their lives with each other by their side!

[1] Henry has a new ear-muffs!

[2] It’s always nice to have a friend who will carry you when you get tired!

[3] Henry and Baloo in the middle of the desert!

[4] Henry, being an affectionate friend to little Baloo

[5] Henry and Baloo resting in a hammock!

[6] Henry, flashing a big smile after conquering the mountains with Baloo!

[7] Baloo and Henry celebrated Baloo’s first birthday in the middle of the lush field. It was definitely a blast!

[8] A picture of a beautiful family!

Cynthia hopes that her adventures with Henry and Baloo inspire people to ADOPT companion animals than buy one. Statistics says that there are about 7.6 million of companion animals entering the animal rescue shelter nationwide each year. This means that 7.6 millions of dogs and cats are desperately in need of a loving parent and a warm home. You can make a big difference in the life of these animals.

Photos | @henrythecoloradodog

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