You Can’t Let Their Opinions Stop You

You can’t get discouraged when people don’t see things the way you do. Dream big and work hard anyway. Be the reason people’s faith increases. Everybody won’t understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and where you’re trying to go. You can’t let that stop you from moving forward. Just because it seems pointless to them doesn’t mean it can’t be wonderful for you. You can’t be afraid to separate yourself from those who don’t even know the real you. — Unknown




A GIFT TO YOURSELF & OTHERS: These books will make one reflect, and the passages with beautiful illustrations and photography will help anyone who has suffered or been put down by others.

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1 thought on “You Can’t Let Their Opinions Stop You”

  1. I don’t want to wait for anybody and at the same time I did not wow anything to anybody.
    My thoughts are just different than yours and if a person can not be with me at this stage of my life I simply don’t want that person in my life.

    Some people are playing a stupid drama around me to show their point of view. I moved on no matter what they show and how many times they recreate their point of views truth doesn’t change that I moved on.

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