Have you seen this brilliant PSA video about social distancing? You probably should

The corona virus pandemic brought about not just a financial global collapse, but also a ‘social crisis’. This outbreak compelled governments to impose a shutdown of businesses and schools in their countries to protect their people from getting infected. Authorities also urged their citizens to put themselves under quarantine to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Almost every country imposed their own lockdowns to prevent large celebrations, encourage physical and social distancing, and isolation of high risk groups, including the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Some countries have imposed stiff penalties for those who intentionally violate the lock-down.

Source: Ohio Department of Health

‘Social distancing’ is now a familiar phrase because it is so far the best way officials think can flatten the curve or at least slow down the spread of the virus. Humans are a social animal, thus this became problematic for so many when they started getting bored staying home. But if we want to survive this, social distancing must be strictly observed.

To promote social distancing, the Ohio Department of Health came out with a simple but brilliant video that has gone massively viral on Facebook.

People have been praising the promotional video for spotlighting what could happen to everyone if we don’t stay away from each other, and what could if we practice social distancing right.

Source: Ohio Department of Health

A netizen from Tennessee said, “This is an amazing video. Whoever made this deserves an award! It’s probably the simplest way to illustrate the importance of social distancing at a time like this.

This is such a great and powerful video. It is so true. I am one that didn’t think this virus was even going to make it here, not a big deal. Now, I will do whatever I can and have to so we stay safe and don’t help with any spread,” another commenter added.

So please  STAY HOME, don’t spread the virus, and watch out for others. There will be plenty of time for celebrations after threats from the virus have been eliminated. During these trying times, let’s try to find ways to help one another and be a light to our countrymen.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. If you agree with the message, pass this on!

What to do if you’re sick or think you might have been exposed to COVID-19? Read CDC guidelines.