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Paralyzed bride makes good on promise to walk down the aisle on wedding day

EVERY woman’s dream is to stand in her own wedding dress and enjoy each and every step down the aisle with her father. It is definitely the most touching part of a wedding ceremony. 

But for Jennifer Darmon, her dream of walking down the aisle at her own wedding seemed like a very far-off possibility after a car accident trapped her in a van, leaving her paralyzed and unable to walk.

The accident was so severe; doctors discovered that she suffered a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the waist down. Unfortunately, as her specialists feared, she would never be able to walk again.

When Jennifer heard the news, everyone wasn’t expecting her strong response. She never gave up, even her vision of walking down the aisle to join her future husband.

Armed with perseverance, Jennifer agreed to take on the challenges of physical therapy several times a week and still remained strong.

She even told her fiancé, Mike Belawetz, that he didn’t have to stay with her if the thought of it was too much. Mike refused to give up on his love for Jennifer.

He could have walked away at the time, instead, he drove three times a week just to be with her in rehab. He was always there to encourage her whenever she needs uplifting, especially after surgery, or a therapy session.

paralyzed bride

According to Mike, no matter what her future will be, he wanted her to be his wife.

On their big day, when the wedding bells rang, Jennifer stunned everyone at the event. She stood proudly before their guests; her arms intertwined with her father’s and brother’s, leg braces beneath her wedding dress, and started walking down the aisle gracefully—making everyone tear up in the process.

And because of the support she received from the people around her, Jennifer has made her ‘miraculous walk’ toward the love of her life.

paralyzed bride

Jennifer Darmon’s dream has come true despite the challenges and hardships she has faced! As their wedding song says, “Don’t let the beauty of this life passed by. I will take this slow, sweet walk with you.”

Take a peek and let Jennifer and Mike walk you through their heart-warming story in the video below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.