Bride brings dad to tears with a heartfelt surprise during father-daughter dance

Nowadays, in celebration of the union of two hearts, surprises often happen during the wedding day. Sometimes, the groom and his groomsmen would prepare a surprise dance number for the blushing bride. There are times in which it is the bride who surprises the groom with a sweet serenade. Sometimes, it is the friends and family of the newly wedded couple who prepare something for them.

In today’s featured story, it is the bride who prepared a surprise, not for the groom, but for the first love of her life, her father. The thoughtful and sentimental bride took the traditional father-daughter dance in new heights with a personal and unique dance she prepared for her father.

The thoughtful bride wanted to do something different to surprise her father. After all, his father has always been there for her as she grew up.

Thus, she wanted to prepare a surprise for her father in the most meaningful and creative way.

As the beautiful bride and her oblivious father walked out on the dance floor, the tune of Bruce Springteen’s ‘When You Need Me’ aired on the background. The father cannot take his eyes off his daughter as they share a dance to their special and favorite song.

Talking to his daughter as they danced, the father sure is not expecting what his daughter have in store for him. The already emotional father broke down crying when halfway through the dance, the song changed and a familiar voice suddenly started singing a different song.

The bride thought hard and was able to come up with a clever and creative idea of mixing and playing a recording of her 3 year old self in the middle of the father-and-daughter dance.

The voice of the then 3 year old bride singing Barney’s classic song ‘I love you, You love me’ played in the middle of the traditional dance.

The surprised father immediately broke down in tears in the middle of the traditional dance. Falling into his daughter’s shoulder as he broke down crying, memories of how he took care of his baby who is now a beautiful and fine bride overwhelmed him with so many emotions.

Meanwhile, the beautiful bride expressed her gratitude and love for his father when she clasped her father’s face and look at his tearful eyes.

The family and friends of the bride and groom cannot help but be emotional as well. Almost everyone who was there to witness the traditional dance between the father and the bride shed tears as well upon realizing how personal the dance is between the two.

Certainly, the father and the bride will never forget the unique and special dance they have shared. It has now become an addition to the beautiful and lovely memories the father and the daughter will never forget.

Truly, a father will always be his daughter’s first love. Watch the video and prepare to shed tears as you witness the sentimental dance shared by the father and daughter.

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