Russian miner spends his breaks capturing breathtaking photos of foxes in the arctic circle

Everyone needs a hobby that would keep our minds healthy and creative. A miner from Russia, Ivan Kislov has found a perfect hobby that brings joy to his life. The Russian miner finds refuge during his break in the remote landscape of the Chukotka region of North-East Russia. Ivan basks in the glory of the seemingly inhabitable Tundra which has its own share of beauty despite its unfavorable living conditions.

Ivan is a gifted photographer whose hobby includes taking pictures of majestic arctic foxes dwelling in Chukotka. After his duty as a mining engineer is done, Ivan spends the rest of his time exploring the landscape of Chukotka to have an intimate experience of its stunning wildlife.

From bears to reindeers and wolves to stoats, Ivan never fails to immortalize these magnificent beasts in photographs. But among the creatures that can be found in Chukotka, foxes take the top of his list!

The reason behind Ivan’s passionate fascination to foxes is because he believes that they are the most cooperative animals in the world of photography. Unlike common beasts who tend to shy away from the camera, foxes are known to come closer- giving photographers opportunity to take their photos in all possible angles.

“Foxes are curious and can come very close, and I shoot with wide angle and telephoto lenses.” Ivan Kislov shared in one of his interviews.

Browse the gallery below and see the breath-taking beauty of  foxes as seen in the lenses of the brilliant mining engineer cum photographer Ivan Kislov!

[1] A majestic fox looking through the vast and lavish field before him!

[2] An adorable fox looking up in the sky! 

[3] A dutiful and nurturing vixen attending to her charming cubs!

[4] A vixen who is too preoccupied by her 7 adorable cubs!

[5] A ferocious fox who still looks adorable despite his scowling face! 

[6] A lone fox under the pouring snow looks like he needs some company!

[7] A balled-up fox who does not keep his guard down looks directly at the camera, as if he was showing his braveness and ferocity!

[8] A photograph of a fox showing how its majestic beauty perfectly fits with nature!

[9] A fox whose eyes speak a thousand of words!

[10] An arctic fox whose fur is no doubt as white as snow!

[11] A pair of fox whose public display of affection would definitely leave you jealous!

[12] A beautiful display of ‘kiss’ between a pair of fox will surely melt your heart!

[13] A captivating photo of a fox in action who was successful in his hunt!

[14] A dutiful and nurturing vixen bringing her kill to feed her cubs! 

[15] A majestic photo of a fox who looks as if he is howling under the broad daylight!

Looking at the stunning photos in this gallery sure proves how talented and artistic Ivan Kislov is. In a world where money seems to be everything, it sure is reassuring to know that there are still people who do not neglect to pursue their passion and interest. Just like Ivan, may we never forget to tend to our hobbies that keep our passion and faith in life alive!

Which photo is your favorite? Share your thoughts under the comment section!

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