5 boys perform an impressive rendition of ‘Greatest Showman’ that has netizens awestruck

The ensemble called Bring It North was formed in January 2018 by a music teacher who wanted to create a young boy band. That same year,  the group participated in the 12th season of Britain’s Got Talent. Its members, hailing from the North of England, is comprised of Harry Steel, Max Ferguson, Toby McTurk, Oscar Williams, and Felix Yates. It looks like we have a new boy band to watch out for – and they’re not even approaching their 20s yet.

These boys left the BGT judges in awe of their beautiful voices, making it as far as the show’s semi-finals until they were, sadly, eliminated.

Source: YouTube

But the end of their journey on the show doesn’t mean the end of their singing careers. They’ve since won the hearts of people online, with their loyal fans wanting to hear more of their incredible harmonies. In fact, one of the band’s covers has even garnered nearly a million views!

During one of their rehearsals for the semi-finals of last year’s BGT competition, the lads recorded themselves singing their own rendition of “A Million Dreams” from the 2017 hit musical “The Greatest Showman”.

Source: Facebook

They performed a different version during the actual TV performance, but even if they didn’t bag the award, their efforts surely didn’t go unrecognized and unappreciated. They uploaded their practice clip on their YouTube channel and as of writing, it has already been viewed almost a million times, and it is easy to see why.

Their rendition of the song perfectly highlighted their incredible harmonization and individually amazing vocal abilities. It was indeed a chill-worthy performance, and surely, these boys will go a long way – with or without winning a singing competition.

Source: Facebook

At their young age, these kids have already earned worldwide admiration because of their pure talent, what more when they get older? It is exciting to think about what these children have in store for us, and we couldn’t wait to hear their future songs on the radio!

Source: Bring It North

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