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Young boy shows how he uses discarded plastic bottles to catch fish and gets millions of views

There are two main methods of fishing using a rod and line: line fishing and rod angling. Line fishing involves a handheld fishing line lowered into the water, typically from an elevated position, while rod angling uses a simple pole attached to a fishing line or hook.

In January, the YouTube channel Pro Fish Hunter featured a young fisherman who’s already an expert in his craft.

To date, his fishing video has garnered early 18 million views on the platform, and the technique he uses will amaze you.

With no fancy equipment, the boy uses plastic bottles and strings to catch fish. And as impossible as that sounds, he proves it can be done.

The 8-minute video shows the kid skillfully fishing at a river using his makeshift tools.

First, he prepares his bait. While traditional fishermen use small fish, bugs, or worms, the boy takes out what looks like dough and wraps it around each hook.

He then walks toward the river’s edge to set up his fishing lines and plant four reeds on the bank. The kid unwound the fishing line from the plastic bottles and placed them onto the wooden sticks to secure them.

It became more apparent that the boy was an expert when he hurled the lines into the water. Satisfied, he left the fishing lines to do their job. After all, it can be tiresome just sitting by the water and waiting until the lines catch some fish.

After three hours, the kid returns to skewed reeds and longer lines, which means there was fish caught.

He takes the first bottle and reels the line in. One would think it was a small catch because the boy didn’t appear to struggle much, but when the fish came out of the water, it was nearly half his size!

He then pulls in the next one, but it was a smaller fish this time.

The third one was the easiest to reel in because it’s the smallest.

Finally, he pulled in the fourth fish, and it was the second biggest of everything he captured that day.

All in all, it was a good fishing day for the boy!

Thousands of people flocked to the video’s comments section to express their admiration for the kid using plastic bottles to catch fish. Here are some of the most notable reactions.

“This is so inspiring. To have THAT level of confidence and competence at such a young age. Maybe because the hard life situation pushed him to be mature too early. Wish him very well and success, I had utmost respect for this little guy.”

“Wow! Who needs all those fancy gears when you got a imaginative brain. Bottle on a stick and he didn’t even have to fight the fish. You go boy! Let’s not forget how strong he is, carrying those fish all by himself.”

“Well raised boy! Give your children hands! They are more than capable to do things for themselves! It boosts their personalities! He is a real fisherman! Look how far he throws the line in! Loved it from South Africa.”

Check out the video below to see the young fisherman in action.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.