Boy’s odd Christmas wish comes true and it’s winning the hearts of thousands

If there’s someone who is happiest at Christmas, it is no other than the children who are excited to find out what Santa has in the bag for them.

Each year that the Yuletide season hit the air, children think of a couple of things that they would like to have in celebration of the festive season. For how many years, Santa is used in receiving wishes for LEGO toys, Barbie dolls, gaming consoles, drones, and bicycles.

Whether kids ask for an expensive gift or a cheap one, the fact remains that no one can be happier than a kid whose wish came true!

Take the case of the charming little Sawyer for example. This Christmas, all Sawyer wanted to get was a bottle of his favorite condiment- ketchup!

Morgan Deichert

Since his aunt was intent on keeping him happy for Christmas, his aunt happily bought him a huge bottle of Ketchup perfectly wrapped in a box.

And last Sunday, Sawyer’s aunt wanted to savor the initial reaction of the little boy as he open-up the Christmas gift he asked for. And so being a doting aunt, Morgan Deichert recorded Sawyer’s unwrapping of presents on a video.

The video showing Sawyer getting all excited over a bottle of Ketchup was posted on Morgan’s Twitter account and quickly garnered thousands of likes and retweets.

Morgan Deichert

Apparently, when Sawyer’s face lit up in pure joy and happiness upon knowing that his simple but unconventional Christmas gift was granted, people all over the world was reminded of what Christmas is all about.

Morgan’s complete Tweet along with the video reads: “When your nephew asks for ketchup for Christmas, you get him ketchup for Christmas.”

“Whoa. Ketchup! Ketchup! Ketchup is in here … What’s in here? Ketchup? Look at what’s in there! Ketchup is in there,” Sawyer’s voice filled with enthusiasm can be heard in the video.

Morgan Deichert

The now viral video of Sawyer garnered more than 5 million of views and warmed the hearts of people online. A lot of the Twitter user replied to Morgan’s original tweet with Pikachu’s pictures carrying a giant ketchup bottle.

Obviously, Sawyer’s adorable fondness of Ketchup reminded them of the popular yellow and fluffy pocket monster.

YouTube | Chosenmon

“This brought me so much joy! Hope he enjoys the whole bottle!” A Twitter user said, happy for that Sawyer’s wish came true.

“This is such an amazing thing something so simple making him happy.” Another Twitter user said, noting how kids can be happy over something so simple.

“I’m with you buddy, Ketchup makes everything better, eggs, Mac n cheese, spaghetti, burgers,etc.” Another Twitter user expressed, vocal about his love for ketchup as well.

In a sea of news about spoiled kids crying over iPhones for Christmas, seeing Sawyer’s innocent video is a sweet reminder of the simplicity and innocence of children.

Watch the heartwarming video of Sawyer below that won the hearts of thousands of people. The pure joy written all over his face will surely remind you to enjoy that happiness may not be expensive but it sure is priceless!

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