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Boy helps his 7-yr-old best friend take his first steps since car crash

As much as a person suffering from a health problem needs medical professionals in order to recover, it is undeniable that one also need a pillar of support as well. Without someone to inspire him to recover and heal, the effort of the medical team will simply go in vain. Thus, it is very important for people suffering from diseases and injuries to be with their bundle of joy.

The 7-year-old Rush and 8-year-old Quinton know this very well. Just a few days ago, Rush was involved in a car accident and needed a friend to lean his back on, luckily for him, Quinton always got his back.

Tara Heuser Monday

It was a usual day for Tara Monday when she and her two children, Leila and Rush, got involved in a car crash. Another driver swerved into their lane and the family was not able to avoid the head-on collision.

“All the sudden a car right before us coming toward Greensboro crossed the center line and came and hit us head on,” Tara recalled.

Fortunately, all of them were wearing their seat belts, and so Tara and Leila were left with minor injuries. Sadly, the crash left little Rush with internal injuries that needed surgery.

“I hear my daughter say ‘Rush are you ok?’ And I look over and Rush is on the floor screaming ‘my belly, my belly!’ and it was very hard, and I couldn’t get to him because my door was shut.” The distraught mother shared.

Tara Heuser Monday

When Quinton was informed about the unfortunate incident, to say that he was devastated is an understatement. To comfort his son, Shamicka Neal told Quinton to be strong for his best friend. Quinton understood what his mom meant  so he stopped crying and started pulling himself together.

“Okay, Mommy, I’m gonna be strong so Rush can be strong.” Quinton reportedly said.

Due to the internal injuries Rush attained from the car crash, he had to undergo an emergency surgery. Due to his small body and young age, it was very difficult for Rush to walk after the surgery.

“He was defeated, sad, scared I mean he’s seven years old, he doesn’t know what’s going on he was in pain he didn’t want to get up,” Tara shared, explaining how her son felt after the crash.

Tara Heuser Monday

According to Tara, Rush did not have the heart to get up and walk after his surgery. The little boy insisted that he needed his best friend and that without him, he wouldn’t try to walk.

“He said I’m gonna walk, I’m gonna walk when Quinton gets here!” Tara said.

Being a dutiful and supportive friend, Quinton stayed with Rush and motivated him to get up and walk. And so even though getting up after a major surgery is very painful and difficult to do, Rush took his baby steps with Quinton walking right beside him.

“That was his first walk down the hall and that’s the first time he was up,” Tara said, grateful for Quinton’s great help. “It was a struggle but he was up and we are so thankful at the fact that Quinton was there with him, it’s amazing because that’s his best friend.”

Tara took a picture of the two boys and posted it on her Facebook account along with the caption of:

Tara Heuser Monday

“These sweet boys have been inseparable since. Shared sons’ to each other’s families alike. They’re more than friends. More than best friends. They truly are brothers. This world is a better place because of their love for one another.  When I see this photo my eyes swell with tears and my heart swells with love. These are my boys. I thank God that they will forever have somebody to lean on.”

Tara Heuser Monday

The sweet and touching photo of Rush and Quinton moved the heart of thousands of people. It caught the attention of different news outlet and online magazines and quickly went viral.

As of now, Rush has already been discharged from the hospital and is already back at school. Of course, this would not be possible without the prayers, support, and encouragement of the special people in his life!

Tara Heuser Monday

Indeed, a true friendship has the power of refreshing one soul. Rush and Quinton may be young, yet they are blessed to experience such strong and beautiful friendship! May their heartwarming story remind us what friendship really is all about – making each other know and feel that they never have to brave their storms alone.

Photos | Tara Monday

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