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“I hope she remembers my voice,” was what this veteran thought of a day before this much awaited reunion

Separations are inevitable part of life. Sooner or later, we will be separated from those we have met as we embark on this journey called life. We will be parted from the ones whom we share our lives with.

For the fortunate, their paths will lead them back together. But most of the time, separation would mean the end.

So, imagine how great the joy is of two best partners who met again after some years. After two years of separation, a veteran soldier is finally reunited with his best K9 partner. The joy the two shared was captured in a video and went viral.

Here is the story behind that fateful reunion between retired Sergeant Jason Bos and MWD Cila M389, a chocolate Labrador.

Angie Jackson

Sgt. Jason Bos and Cila have known each other for a long time. Sgt. Bos and Cici – the nickname he gave to the lab – had trainings together in the military kennel at Lackland Air Force Base.

Cila was trained to sniff out explosives. Sgt. Bos, on the other hand, commands and gives hand signals to the dog from a distance. In 2008, the two began their deployment overseas.  They worked together side-by-side in Iraq, detecting bombs and hidden weapons. Together, they have completed a hundred mission.

In the US, the tandem provided security for the presidential visits. For five years, Sgt. Bos and Cila have been partners, even beyond their work. They have also grown together as best pals.

Sgt. Bos recalls to the Chicago Tribune that he often played with Cila during his day offs. The dog has indeed become close to the soldier’s heart.

But like any other story of meeting, the two were bound to be separated. In 2012, an accident befell on the soldier. Sgt. Bos incurred a back injury from a training. This forced him to leave the military. 

Sgt. Bos asked his boss for permission to take with him his beloved partner. However, his wish was not granted. He was told that Cila still has some years to work for the military.

Speaking about his conversation with his boss, Sgt. Bos said to the Chicago Tribune, “They tell you not to get too attached, that they’re not a pet, they’re a tool to help keep people safe.”

“But it’s hard,” remarked Sgt. Bos, as he recalled of leaving his best pal in the military. Sgt. Bos left alone, and head back to his home at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Two years after, news reached Sgt. Bos that his pal Cila was about to retire. He also read in a Facebook post by the dog’s handler that Cila was available for adoption.

The kennel master from his former base contacted the soldier. Sgt. Bos was asked if he wanted to adopt Cila. “I said ‘Yes. What do I have to do?’” said the soldier. 

Right away, he arranged the papers for adoption. He contacted organizations American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue to help him bring Cila from Germany to Chicago.

And so, on April 30, 2014, after nine hours of flight, Cila has finally arrived to the O’Hare International Airport. An excited, but nervous Sgt. Bos was waiting for her. “I hope she remembers my voice,” was what Sgt. Bos thought of a day before their much awaited reunion.

But all the worries and fears faded when Cila rushed to the waiting arms of Sgt. Bos. The dog has not forgotten her partner. “She looked at me, she started smelling me, she knew me,” Sgt. Bos exclaimed with joy.

When asked what his plan is for the newly-adopted dog, Sgt. Bos said, “Her whole life has been about working. Now it’s time for her to worry about just relaxing.” The two left the airport together and rode to their home. A new life awaits Cila in her new home. A new life together awaits the two best pals.

Watch their amazing reunion in the video below captured by WOOD TV8 and have your tissues at the ready.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.