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Blind golden retriever gets his own ‘seeing-eye’ puppy and now they are BFFs

Man’s best friends can also have dog best friends too, just like the Golden Retriever in this story named Charlie.

Charlie is an 11-year-old blind pup living his senior years with parents, Chelsea Stipe and Adam Stipe, and his own “seeing-eye” dog, Maverick.

The world hasn’t always been dark for Charlie. Adam had him ever since he was a puppy, but in 2016, Charlie was diagnosed with glaucoma, leading to his left eye being removed.

A year later, the dog began to lose sight and feel pain in his right eye, so Chelsea and Adam decided to have it removed as well.

“For us it was a no-brainer, empty our retirement plan to care for this dog because he makes us happy,” Chelsea said.

Charlie seemed to cope well with the drastic change, though nevertheless, he exhibited a difference in behavior – slowing down and becoming less excitable.

Chelsea always wanted to get another puppy for their family, and she thought that the perfect time to add a second one was during her pregnancy, so that her child would surely have a dog to grow up with.

So on New Year’s day this year, Chelsea and Adam got Maverick, a lively and energetic puppy.

Their senior dog wasn’t a big fan of Maverick at first, but Charlie eventually grew comfortable with the new pup in the house until they became inseparable friends.

Chelsea told The Dodo: “Charlie has definitely been more playful and puppy-like since Maverick came around. We’d buy him toys and he wouldn’t think about playing with them. Now, they’re just constantly playing with each other.”

Maverick may only be four months old, but it seems like he understands that Charlie had no sense of sight. He adjusted to the older dog and helped him with that limitation.

“He knows Charlie is different,” Chelsea said. “He’ll put toys in front of him. He’s very aware, when Charlie starts to move, to be on the lookout for him. When they walk together, Maverick helps keep Charlie in line.”

The puppy will also rest beside Charlie most of the time, as if reassuring the older dog that he is not alone.

Their bond has been made stronger by their differences, and their friendship continually blossomed with each passing day.

“It’s amazing. They’re just such a great combo. They’re always together.”, Chelsea said.

Charlie would never get his sight back, but Maverick’s presence has certainly made him feel that there is so much more to experience and savor in life, especially now that they are living it together.

“Charlie’s an older dog. We used to think we could lose him any time,” Chelsea said. “But now, with Maverick, it’s like he got this jolt in him, this zest for life again. If he had eyes, I know there’d be a twinkle in them.”

We are so happy that these two Golden Retrievers have found a best friend in each other. All we could wish for is that Charlie enjoys his twilight years and that Maverick remains in good health, so that he can continue living like the happy pup that he is!

If you want to see more of Charlie and Maverick’s adventures watch the video below and follow them on their Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.