When You Know It’s Time To Let Go

It is bitter irony to see people who can’t let go of someone or something for fear of emptiness in their life … yet their spirits are wasting away because they choose to hold on.Dodinsky

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2 thoughts on “When You Know It’s Time To Let Go”

  1. Fear is the greatest enemy of success. We should overcome fear in every area of our lives if we want to move forward in life because our direction or destination are not the same. Anything or anybody that you feel is an excess luggage in our lives should be removed without fear.

  2. AWE! This is a great one as an excellent topic for a deeper discussion. So many people suffer from this kind of heartache. Did you ever see: ‘Somewhere in Time’ were Christopher Reeves dies of a broken heart? It’s the most excellent romance movie, if you’re into those?

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