6-year-old ‘baby whisperer’ helps calm his crying baby brother

Every parent knows how difficult it is to soothe a fussy infant. However, calming his crying baby brother seemed very easy and natural for Welles Peterson, a 6-year-old-boy with Down syndrome.

Welles Peterson’s family has noticed his special gift since he was born. At a very young age, he is capable of making anyone feel better. He was born with Down syndrome and has always known how to cheer anyone up in the family. When a family member is down or lonely, he would offer his unswerving love and attention.

Welles drinking some juice

Once again, Welles made use of his wonderful gift when his baby brother was fussy and their mother couldn’t stop the infant from crying. According to Welle’s Mom, Oakley Peterson, her baby would not calm down despite all her efforts.

“At that point, I decided he had tummy bubbles,” Oakley said. She then asked Welles to hold the baby for a while and in a blink of an eye, the baby calmed down and stopped crying.

Touched and amazed by what just happened, she thought about capturing such a magical moment between her adorable children. Oakley shared the video on Facebook which quickly garnered millions of views and thousands of shares.

Welles with his mother Oakley

In the video where Welles is holding the infant and trying to soothe him, it is apparent that the 6-year-old boy has so much love for his infant brother and he knows how to make him feel better.

A lot of people on social media were blown away by the video and thought Welles is so sweet and loving. One of the commenters, Susan Dollard, wrote: “What a lucky baby to have a loving, caring big brother. This is so sweet, a must-keep video to show Alek when he gets a little bigger.”

Welles with his family

Oakley said that this is a part of what Welles is: sweet, loving and emphatic. She said that Welles always finds the person struggling at every family event. Also, when her sister’s baby stayed in the NICU for four months, Welles didn’t leave her side and continued to offer physical and emotional support. Throughout those hard times, Welles became his aunt’s “rock.”

Many people who commented to the video also shared stories about their kids with Down syndrome. They said that like Welles, their kids are also good at soothing babies and even older kids.

People with Down Syndrome are a gift. Every single one that I have met has magical powers. They are so happy and it’s infectious. This is just another example of how precious and powerful they are,” said another commenter, Lynda Fisher.


Oakley agrees to this and believes that people with Down syndrome are born with incredibly amazing empathetic abilities.

She also thinks that a lot of people are touched by the video because it reminds them that “there’s so much good in the world” despite all the chaos.

Because of Welles’ magical and amazing gift to soothe babies, people hailed him as “baby whisperer.”

Watch this sweet video of Welles calming his baby brother: