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Saturday 28th of September 2013

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Vernon Stclair Williams

Friday 27th of September 2013

Pope John Paul 11, Before I make a comment, please know that I regard you and your mind-set as my teachers, there-fore your kind is loved by me.. From the year 70 to the present day you and your kind has treated mankind with total contempt,and you regards them as a "Herd, you have robbed them of their God given intelligence, their assests,and their dinity, by the use of lies and fear, (clearly you and your kind are the fearful) the mind set of your god can clearly be seen from Genisiss to Duetoromy, two ascended Masters of "The Light" visited our Planet for the sole purpose of telling us the truth, your mind set stigmasised their beings by referring to tham as devils and mad, then you crucified one,. It is said knowledge is the only power, and yours having the knowledge, decided to create a reglion in their name, firstly by indoctrinating the humans into believing that Jesus was a virgin birth,when your said doctrine says 7times that he was from the seed of David, and demonstrated clearly that the linage shows that Jesus biologiclal father Juseph is from the seed of David, and Jesus last truth in Reverlation Is:I Am from the Root of David.. In Matt,23, He refered to you and your kind as Liars and hypocrites Approx, a dozen times, also serpents and vipers (How True), He said that religion shall travel the land and the seas converting our chrilden making them twice the children of "Hell", that you will visit the market places and our homes with prayers as pretence, This you and your kind continue to do to this very day... your doctrine speaks of the so-called prophets, chosen people, and the barren wives of your manipulators who has seen and heard your god, yet both John and Jesus says: "No man has ever seen God, heard his voice or seen his shape at any time. they told us that Moses and abraham did not tell us the truth, and that your kind must do the lust of your god who is a liar and a murderer from the begining of time.. In rev,3-9, He told us who your kind are, he also selected two of your kind from his congregation saying: they knew where He came from and where He is going, this after He told the world that we did not hence theycame from or whence they goeth, I will also add that rev,3-9 represents every race on this planet.and in every walk of life.... We have never met, and yet, I know that each and every one you knows me from experiences.He said all that is scret shall reveal itself, your flock should challenge you to teach from the pulpit the five books that are completely different from your created doctrine that you call holy,but then being a coward you would decline..... Vernon Stclair Williams, d,o b 23-9-42 Address: 43, poppleton rd. Leytonstone, London, E11, 1Lp..

Jose Ramos

Friday 27th of September 2013

Good Job !!

Anna Coleman

Thursday 26th of September 2013

well said!!!! I couldin have said it better

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