Be Who You Truly Are

Sometimes, we let someone else’s words take over our lives. If someone tells us our shirt is ugly, some of us would never wear it again. If someone tells us our teeth are crooked, some of us would never smile fully ever again. If someone tells us the way we spoke was weird, some of us would never speak again. We’d change and we’d hide to please them, because we want to fit i. But, fitting in is cliche and overrate. Be who you truly are, because that is originality. And originality will always work for you. — Unknown


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5 thoughts on “Be Who You Truly Are”

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    i am who he says i am. i will not change to please people, i can only change to please God. being different is what makes me stand out. some say am weird, loud, selfish, quiet, the list is endless. but that is non of their business. forget the haters, only God can judge us. 🙂 🙂

  2. First one has to know who they truly are, and then becoming who you truly is a journey I am sure is beyond your comprehension// Presently!

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