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Baker designs cakes with beautiful piped bouquets of realistic buttercream florals

In the culinary realm, nothing could ever be greater than good food coupled with beautiful art.

That is exactly what Seoul-based pastry chef, Atelier Soo, expertly creates with her hands. Her cakes do not only please the palate but also provide a feast for the eyes. A real talented artisan, Soo crafts exquisite works of art that are too gorgeous to eat.

She tops her cakes with colorful fondant and frosting that takes the shape of beautiful bouquets of realistic buttercream flowers. Her single-tiered cakes are abundantly filled with buttercream blooms, carefully arranged on top of fondant bases with pastel colors.

The velvet-like texture of each petal is what gives the flowers a lifelike appearance. The soft color gradients and two-tone leaves in her cakes are reminiscent of a garden in springtime.

Her work is often commissioned for special events such as weddings, but when she’s not creating delicately-designed cakes, Soo teaches classes on how to perfect your own buttercream flower cake.

See some of Atelier Soo’s work below and prepare to drool!

As you can see from the vibrant colors and texture she uses, her piping techniques captures the beauty of a colorful garden in springtime. Many have commented that her works are too pretty to eat. Her popularity is growing as people have shared photos of her magnificent artworks. It’s rare to see this kind of detail in the world of cake making.

What an awe-inspiring talent! Check out more of Soo’s work on her Instagram and website.

All photos via Atelier Soo’s Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.