See beautiful moment baby smiles for 1st time after two open-heart surgeries


For the very first time after his second open heart surgery, a baby with a congenital heart disease smiled, captured in a heart-warming, adorable video.

Theodore “Teddy” Nelson was born with a half heart. This congenital heart defect is called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, in which his left heart did not form correctly during pregnancy.

It also affects normal blood flow through the heart, giving little Teddy a hard time to breathe properly.

Just minutes after his birth, Teddy had to go through his first open heart surgery. It was successful but he needed another one after three months. On November 13, Teddy had his second open-heart surgery and had spent 185 days in the hospital.

Teddy’s First Smile

This entire period was sad and difficult for Teddy’s parents. According to his mom, Alexandria Nelson, Teddy had a stroke after his second surgery.

The past months have been stressful to them but their son’s “first smile” made a huge difference to what they were feeling.


“We weren’t sure the connections were there in the brain to allow a smile to show on his face,” Nelson said. However, it gave them a gleam of hope that their son will be able to overcome future obstacles.

Teddy’s first smile meant a lot to his parents. It brought happiness to them amidst the immense battle that Teddy is facing today.

Teddy’s Smile Warms People’s Hearts

Because their son’s first smile was so special to them, Alexandria Nelson and her husband took a video of Teddy and uploaded it on social media.

After Birmingham, Alabama, ABC affiliate WBMA shared the video, it quickly went viral and hundreds of thousands of people have been sharing it on social media.


Seeing the sweet smile of a baby after a hard battle warmed the hearts of many people who saw the video.

They apparently fell in love with Teddy’s adorable smile as quickly as the video went viral. A lot of them sent heart-warming messages for the sweet boy.

All the words of love, support and appreciation from strangers as well as their families and friends touched the hearts of the Nelson’s.

Those messages gave them more strength to surpass all the challenges their family is going to face.

Teddy’s Journey Continues

In the next weeks, Teddy will undergo his third surgery. Nelson said she’s excited to bring Teddy home for the first time and look after him while he’s recovering.

Teddy’s parents are so proud of their little boy for being brave despite everything he’s been through. “They call him feisty and we love it. Half the time we don’t give him enough credit. He has so much determination and fight,” said Nelson.

“I always say, ‘Theodore’s half a heart produces twice the love.”


We are happy that Teddy beat the odds and hope that his next surgery will be successful. This heart-warming story is definitely worth thousands of shares so let your family and friends know about it as well.

Don’t miss this video of Teddy’s very first smile after surgery and be delighted by his adorable face: