7 thoughts on “Avoiding Senseless Drama”

  1. Yes!! This happened yesterday. A woman was trying to be my friend on Face Book a few months ago. She did something that I felt wasn’t cool (laughing at my misfortune when I was upset about something). I spoke to her in an email, privately, about it. I wrote, “Let’s talk this out.” However, she preferred being combative. She wrote me a super long nasty email and ended it that she was sorry she ordered my book and was going to burn it in her fireplace. My husband said “That was so viper-like.” I agreed. You can’t reason with nut cases. So I turned away. No because I felt like I was the “better” person, but because I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere, she’d just keep getting nastier and nastier.

  2. I agree about everything with one question regarding walking away. What are your thoughts about standing up for yourself or your “cause” as long as it’s done with class? I recently was verbally attacked with shameful comments because I merelu stayed my opinion and for the umpteenth time felt I needed to defend my position. The criticism I received was based on a clearly prejudicial mindset from my attacker.

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