Pod Share is redefining the concept of co-living

If you’ve ever considered living in cities such as Seattle and Los Angeles, you would know that the cost of housing in these places are as steep as ever. But one company has found a solution to this, and it involves living in a pod. In an attempt to bridge the wide gap between low-income … Read more

Dog reunites with veterinarian who saved his life in heartwarming video

“We don’t deserve dogs.” We often stumble upon this comment on various social media posts about dogs and how they are capable of giving their loyalty and unconditional love to us hoomans – even at times when we don’t deserve it. The internet world is filled with wonderful, heartwarming, and at times, tear-jerking stories about … Read more

Inheritance goes back to family when farmers went silent in auction

Though not always the case, most children’s inheritance are priceless family’s heirlooms – valuable possessions that have been passed down through generations. The most common are material things, such as pieces of jewelry, antique furniture, and old photographs. But for David and his family, their inheritance came in the form of something they couldn’t hold … Read more