Pittie mom shows off 8 newborn puppies in sweet maternity photo shoot

Pregnancy is always a special time, recorded at all stages with hundreds of photos and numerous parties.  But anticipating motherhood just reached a whole level with Mama Pickles’ cute maternity photos! Mama Pickles is a heavily pregnant two-year old pitbull.  In September, she was found wandering by her lonesome, and obviously urgently needing help. She … Read more

Man with Down syndrome defies the odds and celebrates 77th birthday

When Georgie Wildgust was born in 1942, few predicted that he would live beyond his 10th birthday.  Born with Down Syndrome, the prevailing scientific knowledge at the time pegged the life expectancy of those with the chromosomal disorder at 22 years old. Today, babies born with Down Syndrome are expected to reach their 60s due to … Read more