Former U.S. Air Force veteran had no one at his funeral ― until a local high school baseball team showed up

War heroes deserve the nation’s gratitude and recognition for their heroism and sacrifices. Sadly, with the passage of time, these brave men and women just fade into the background, seemingly forgotten and erased from people’s memories.   When 94-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran Ralph Lambert died on February 8, 2022, no family members or close friends … Read more

How a volunteer mom in a school event helped save a police sergeant during a life-threatening emergency

From a fun and laidback school festival to a brush with death―this is what a Cleveland police officer experienced at Carver Park Estates on August 20, 2022.   Sgt. Ray O’Connor, administrative sergeant at the Cleveland Police Department Fourth District, was playing football with the kids in the neighborhood when he told fellow police officer Brooklyn … Read more

Brothers who lost both parents and nearly their home when a contractor stole their money get home remodeled by volunteers

When an entire community rallies behind you, it’s more than enough motivation to keep going. It’s what Julian Nicholson and Jaylan Gray from Katy, Texas, experienced when their community stepped in and gave their home back to them.  Life hasn’t been easy for the two brothers since they lost their mother, Roslyn Nicholson, two years … Read more