Heroic 11-year-old boy goes back to a burning apartment building to save his 2-year-old sister: “I would risk my life for her.”

Eleven-year-old La’Prentis Doughty was just a regular kid looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family. But on November 22, 2022, La’Prentis became an unexpected hero. A fire broke out around 6 pm in their two-story apartment building in Salisbury, Maryland. When La’Prentis realized what was happening, he quickly ran out of the building for … Read more

Christmas ad shows man taking a crash course in skateboarding when he learns their foster child loves it 

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, holiday-themed advertisements are starting to drop in your social media feeds. Aside from increasing your excitement for the holiday festivities, they also tug at the heartstrings and make you all teary-eyed. They inspire you to be kinder, more forgiving, and more generous―because Christmas is the season of … Read more

Former U.S. Air Force veteran had no one at his funeral ― until a local high school baseball team showed up

War heroes deserve the nation’s gratitude and recognition for their heroism and sacrifices. Sadly, with the passage of time, these brave men and women just fade into the background, seemingly forgotten and erased from people’s memories.   When 94-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran Ralph Lambert died on February 8, 2022, no family members or close friends … Read more