Artist transforms recycled materials and old watches into stunning tiny sculptures

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are words to live by in a world that annually produces 3.5 million of wastes. But did you know that there are artists who specialize in turning recycled materials into artistic treasures? One of these brilliant artists is Sue Beatrice, who loves creating a timeless masterpiece out of old watches!

artist uses recycled materials

Sue Beatrice is a professional artist who has been in the industry for over 30 years. Her overwhelming creativity and precise skills are tapped for commission works by big companies such as Sony, Dreamworks, and Disney! And her outstanding talent does not stop with that. She is not only skilled in making sculptures out of clay and wax but also with worn-out clockworks!

She has a terrific knack for recycled materials and re-purposing discarded parts of antique watches into a well-detailed, delicate looking, and whimsical steampunk creations. It is because of her passion that she launched her line of All Natural Arts- a place dedicated for her re-imagined masterpiece.

artist uses recycled materials

“It’s a creative outlet aside from my commercial sculpting which is often for licensed characters and overseen by art directors. All Natural Arts encompasses the sea glass, stones, insect wings, moss, and other organic matter that I was using in my own art…” Beatrice shared with Handmade Business.  

“However, I also wanted to reuse, re-purpose, and recycle items whenever possible. This particularly included bits and parts of antique items. Though not every item gets its start in nature, all pieces are created with nature in mind.”

artist uses recycled materials

Her skilled hands shape discarded clock gears she had salvaged into sculptures inspired by nature, fictional stories, and mythical beings. Her hands that work like magic and her meticulous attention to detail made her a household name. Over the past years, her intricate handiwork with the forgotten timepiece captivated the interest of her fellow steampunk enthusiasts.

Take a look at the following photos that show her detailed and stunning timeless sculptures!

[1] A captivating unicorn with glorious locks!

artist uses recycled materials

[2] A seahorse, a jellyfish, and a school of fish that will take you in an adventure under the sea!

artist uses recycled materials

[3] A mice and a dragonfly set on an enchanting journey!

[4] A workroom that will remind you of your aeronautic dreams!

[5] A spacious two-storey library for the bookworms!

[6] Ariel of Little Mermaid with her hair made of coils!

[7] A furnished, warm, and cozy living room!

[8] A little girl and a cat dancing their time away!

[9] The adventurous Alice and the frightening Red Queen!

[10] A majestic horse boasting intricate details from recycled materials!

Can’t get enough of her outstanding steampunk creations? You may also check out her Facebook page, “All Natural Arts,” for more breathtaking photos! Some of her designs are also being sold as a pendant which you can purchase on her Etsy shop.

Photos | All Natural Arts – Sue Beatrice