This artist hand-cuts stunning intricate paper art from single sheets of paper

They say that creativity takes courage. After all, the process of translating one’s vision into art takes time and patience. And sometimes, between not producing the outcome that you would like to see could be really frustrating.

But that’s what makes art beautiful and captivating. Learning the story and the painful process that it takes for a masterpiece to be created is what makes it even more appealing.

Take a look at the masterpiece produced by the gifted hands of a Japanese artist named Masayo Fukuda. Looking at her creation, one might think that it is a beautiful painting of an octopus in black and white. But looking closely at the photo, it is actually an art created by cutting out an intricate pattern or form out of a single sheet of white paper. The delicate art even stand out more once it is placed in a contrasting black background that reveals the stunning design.

Paper cutting has been around since 4th century AD, and though it first appeared in China, it is a form of art common to different countries. Known in Japan as Kirie, Masayo Fukuda honed her skills and talent for 25 years. And before 2018 ends, she unveiled one of her greatest creations- a breath-taking life-sized paper art of an octopus.

The breath-taking work of art that Masayo Fukuda dedicated her time and effort with is an intricate depiction of an octopus. A swirling pattern filled the elongated arms of the stunning octopus.

Her latest masterpiece is not the first time she created a tribute of the alluring species. Looking at her other genius works, she also created other fascinating Kirie of other spectacular animals. Below are some photos of her mind-boggling creations:

[1] A majestic Koi with intricate floral and swirly patterns cut-out from a single sheet of paper. The thin and curvy papers and cut-out bubbles stirring out of the body of water gives it such a magical feeling.

[2] The beautiful texture observed in the cut-out fish makes it seem as if it was a fossil of an ancient water creature excavated from a dried-up sea.

[3] The portrait of a mysterious crow and the detailed outline of a jellyfish are filled with textures- making the portraits look like a hand-drawn work of art.

[4] Looking at the picture below, Masayo Fukuda is also just as skilled in depicting well-detailed flowers.

[5] And the genius artist is not only good at creating single subject Kirie. Looking at the picture below, it is hard to believe that the bunch of various-sized flowers are cut-out exquisitely from a single piece of paper.

Masayo Fukuda’s complex and captivating Kirie will be displayed at Miraie Gallery in Osaka, Japan from April 24 until April 30 of 2019. But you have nothing to worry about if you wouldn’t be able to drop by her physical gallery. You can still see her stunning works by subscribing on her Twitter account.

Which of her masterpiece captivated you the most? Watch the artist at work below and SHARE Masayo Fukuda’s genius and intricate work of art to spark the creativity and imaginative passion in the hearts of other people.

Twitter | Masayo Fukuda

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